is an innovative, comprehensive and straightforward platform that gives you knowledge/information related to Art and Craft field.

We are the team of two people- 1 (Krrish Paul), 2 (Nks Frank) who love wandering through art cities and museums.

In a nutshell, we are the group of 6 people (PhDs, writers, field experts and content writer) who believe in Consistency of Content, the joy of art, quality of content and its sheer size.

Our team first analyse any topic related to this niche and make a plan to draft a Perfect article (Easy to understand). We never compromise with our authenticity.

Our team only post any article after deep probe and scrutiny.


Group of six people (PhDs, writers, field experts and content writer):

Krrish Paul:- Self-styled MD of

  • Activity Planning and Sequencing
  • Resource Planning
  • Technical Issue Management
  • Interoperability (Good use of technology and computers
  • Controlling Quality
  • Finalising
  • Bring in innovations and expansions.

Nks Frank:- Self-styled CEO of

  • Responsibility to Write and finalise article.
  • Guide the employees and the writers’ team.

“After developing a serious interest in appreciating and understanding Modern Art, we found the available sources of information is too limited. Many art books and explanations are too narrow in their scope and are very hard to reconcile with each other.

On the internet,

The content on this topic is not that much organised,  it was nearly impossible to find informative quality information organised efficiently and consistently.”

Because we all are the part of this niche in real life also and we are very excited to write on this beautiful subject that’s why you will get a very informative article in a very concise way.


  • Krrish Paul:- Self-styled MD of
  • Nks Frank:- Self-styled CEO of


Writing and framing perfect and easy structure that can be read easily. Our purpose- Increase readers’ experience.

Our priorities:

Read everything about art and craft and write about it avidly


We have approximately every book that is written on this topic- art Movements, art artists, art history, famous paintings, biographies on all artists who are concerned with (niche) directly or indirectly.

It’s an open platform, if you want to join us then we would feel delighted— But keep one thing in mind, we never compromise with our Content quality.

All the articles that you see on our website are very trusted. Our information source- Wikipedia, Books, Magazines, Old newspaper snippets and self-experience.

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