Yoko Ono Net worth | Paintings + Property + Asset | World
yoko ono net worth

Yoko Ono Net worth | Paintings + Property + Asset | World

Her primary source of income.





Studio albums

Designation of Yoko Ono

Multimedia artist



Peace activist

Yoko Ono Net worth | Paintings + Property + Asset | World

Thus you would have a proper idea about the Net worth of Yoko Ono. These things play a pivotal role in estimating the total value of her asset.

Many reports say, her net worth was $600 Million, but it is not the truth, because it is not the complete data. If you want to know the complete truth, so read this article.

Such type of statements is given only to get the attention of people. We don’t deny it completely, this statement is honest, but it is not the complete report.

The reason behind the denial.

If you want to know- what is Yoko Ono worth, so you should go through this paragraph once.

Before anything, first of all, know the income source of Yoko Ono. This artist has been active in many fields.

Yoko Ono is a Japanese-American multimedia artist. And according to this designation income, her net worth is of her asset, liability, and the property is more than $600 Million.

Because she is not only a painting artist, but she is also a singer, songwriter, and peace activist.

And if you add the complete source of income of these sources, so you would get another figure of income.

So, here, we would try to take a glance at her income. As you know, she is an artist, songwriter, singer, and peace activist. So there is no doubt her income means the net worth of Yoko ono would be more than $600 Million.

There is no doubt, her primary source of income is Music, but if we talk about her gross income. So Following is the source of her income.

How much is Yoko Ono worth?

She is known for being the wife of English singer and songwriter John Lennon of the Beatles from 1969 until his murder in 1980.

The Beatles made tons of money. Consider these facts:

Paul McCartney is the richest musician in the world, with a net worth of $1.25 billion.

Yoko Ono is worth $600 million, Sean Lennon $200 million and Julian Lennon $40 million. So, it appears that John didn’t quite make as much as Paul—John’s estate was worth a mere $840 million.

Ringo Starr is worth $350 million. (That’s #13 among all musicians in the world.)

Dhani Harrison is worth $275 million. I assume that this number represents no more than one-half of George Harrison’s net worth.

The Lennon/McCartney song catalog (just their Beatles’ songs), still published by Sony/ATV, is worth about $3 billion.

It’s easily the most valuable music publishing asset in the world.

The only catalog that can approach it is that of songwriter/composer George Gershwin, and that’s worth maybe anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of the Lennon /McCartney catalog.

I’ve written elsewhere about how Lennon and McCartney’s publishing deal was unfavorable, about how the Beatles record royalties were inadequate.

And how they were nickeled and dimed by everyone, but they managed to make huge amounts of money. And the income is not going to stop anytime soon.

Films & Artworks:- For estimation


Apotheosis (1970)

Self-Portrait (1969)

Apotheosis (1970)

Freedom (1970)

Up Your Legs Forever (1971)

Imagine (1972)

This is the list of her expansive artworks:-

Yoko Ono, “Grapefruit,” London, 1971

$2,400 – $3,000

Yoko Ono Signed 1974 Lawyer Document

£1,200 – £3,000

Yoko Ono Autograph

Price on request


€500 – €550


£50 – £75


You should keep one thing in mind, and it’s a list of her daily use things, so from it, you may guess the net worth of Yoko Ono.

There is no doubt her net worth is far more significant than your thinking. And do you know? It’s a list of her only one aspect of life if you go through her entire earnings.

So, you may purchase a country in the African continent. Perhaps, you would think it a mockery, but it is true.

Now, lets talk about her other income.


Till 1999, she had worked in many movies that still give her passive income.

Following are the names of those movies.

Apotheosis (1970)

Imagine (1972)

Self-Portrait (1969)

Up Your Legs Forever (1971)

Freedom (1970)


These are some famous movies of Yoko Ono if you want to know the deepness of the artistic world so you should watch these movies.

And if you want to become an artist so these movies can play a pivotal role in your artistic expression.

So, finally, you have the idea of her income; this income is her passive income. Her family member or acquaintance still takes advantage of her passive income.

Other activities of this artist- After reading this paragraph, you would have a proper idea about her earning.

Her work also encompasses performance art, and her performance is available in both English and Japanese- So naturally, her viewership is huge.

You know her marital life, Yoko Ono first met John Lennon in 1966 at her art exhibition, after long dating and meeting they became a couple in 1968. As you know John Winston Ono Lennon was an English singer, songwriter.

Art lovers appreciation of Yoko Ono’s work has shifted over time. This artist was favorite of many art exhibitions.

She was the winner of Austria’s highest award for applied contemporary art. And you know the cost of this award, this added value to her artistic expression.

Yoko Ono has made significant benevolent contributions to contemporary art.

She has an excellent contribution to societal work.

Yoko Ono inaugurated a biennial Lennon Ono Grant for Peace in 2002, the total expenditure of grant was $50,000.

She was the founding member of Artists Against Fracking of 2012. It was a very remarkable contribution to Yoko Ono.

If you want to know more things about this artist so you should read these sections of her life (Early life and family, Return to Japan, early career, and motherhood & College and downtown beginnings).

After reading these sections, you would have a proper idea of her net worth.

Now we are giving some factual data about Yoko Ono, It gives you a proper idea about the net worth of Yoko Ono.

Songs of Yoko Ono

That’s My Life (My Love and My Home)”

“The Immigrant”

“All Those Years Ago”

“Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)”

“Here Today”

“Life Is Real (Song for Lennon)”

“Roll On John”

“The Late Great Johnny Ace”


The Pope Smokes Dope

Pussy Cats

Roots: John Lennon Sings the Great Rock & Roll Hits

A Toot and a Snore in ’74

Imagine: John Lennon

Working Class Hero: A Tribute to John Lennon

S.I.R. John Winston Ono Lennon


In His Own Write

A Spaniard in the Works

Skywriting by Word of Mouth

Live albums

Live Peace in Toronto 1969

Live Jam

Live in New York City

Perhaps, now you would have a proper idea. Well, this article tells about the net worth of Yoko Ono, but you knew many things. We hope you have understood the veracity of other websites, how do they give wrong data.

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