27 unknown Pablo Picasso facts | Secret, so avoid sharing
Pablo Picaso Net worth and Income

27 unknown Pablo Picasso facts | Secret, so avoid sharing

——–Now some interesting facts about this artist.———

——— Picasso’s First Job

If you want to earn money, so what do you think?

What should be your salary? 200 hundred dollars, 400 hundred dollars or what… Do you know, at that time this artist had signed a contract with a dealer Pere Menach of US$750.

Perhaps, you would not have idea, this amount was very special for Picasso because, for the first time, it commercialized the work of this artist.

—— Did Picasso Steal the Mona Lisa?

If you are a fan of this artist, so this question must have come in your mind. Hmm, actually it is very difficult to say.

Here two things can be said- Either Picasso was entangled by his friend Guillaume Apollinaire or there was pre-planning of Police officials.

Nothing can be said, but both were released after initial inquiry.

That’s why, many people say, it was just a hoax and nothing else. But it is your whim- Accept it or reject.

——– The full name of Pablo Picasso

Have you ever thought about the veracity of his name, why his name was very big? Perhaps, you would have general answers.

But here are some facts about his name that would definitely amaze you. His name is a kind of tongue twister.

If you become able to read it 100 times without error, so you may win a wonderful prize. Very few people know, there are unique stories behind each part of his name.

This name is based on the name of relatives and saints. There is no doubt that you may also change your name but wait before changing your name, first of all, know the deepness of his name.

Well, really it is very interesting to know there are very few people, who have that much big name.

Do you think? It is very awkward, if yes then write in the comment section.

——–Paintings are very easy, So can you also make it.

You may think, Picasso like painting can be made easily because there are no proper demarcation and idea and perspective.

But, hey! Stop. Do you know Pablo Picasso had made his first commercial painting at the age of 9. And his father had understood, his child is special.

Picasso’s father José Ruiz y Blasco was a strict academic whose ideology was very clear- Every new artist should learn by copying the great masters in his field.

If you see the pencil artwork of Pablo Picasso, so you would have a clear idea- He was great not because he had made beautiful paintings.

But his childhood art was far better than any artist of that time. There are many paintings such as-

——— Picasso’s father was very possessive for his child- Reason- You must know

There was no doubt his father was a very skilled artist, he was the teacher at the Barcelona School of Fine arts. At the age of 13, Picasso was making the sketch of a pigeon.

When his father saw the painting of his child, he was so impressed and at that time he said- My son has surpassed me. It is the day of great joy, it was his exact wording.

But, it is another matter he didn’t give up painting completely. We see many paintings which were made after this statement.

Actually, it’s not a big thing but in the history of this artist, it is big.

——— Pablo Picasso was much more than just a  Painter.

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was a printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, Spanish painter, sculptor, poet, and playwright.

Can you imagine the asset of this artist? It is very huge. There is an estimation if you only calculate the cost of his painting. You may purchase a small empire in the African continent.

It is very awkward, but it’s veracity. This artist spent his adult life in the streets of France and he became the most expensive and influential artist of twenty century.

His artistic career is only one aspect of his life. Pablo Picasso demonstrated artistic talent in his childhood when he was just 9.

He played a very pivotal role during World War 1, Pablo Picasso designed costumes and Cubist sets for several productions.

He achieved renown and immense fortune in terms of an asset for his revolutionary artistic accomplishments. That’s why this artist is still remembered for his wonderful work in the field of art and culture.

——–If you want to read everything about this artist but in short:- So go through this paragraph.

The work of this artist is often categorized into various time periods such as Blue Period, Rose Period, African art and primitivism, Analytic Cubism and Synthetic cubism

There is no doubt his paintings remain in high demand but his family background was not that much good, he was from the middle class background.

Picasso was traumatized, per se in 1895, his sister who was seven years old died of diphtheria. It was a very major setback for this artist.

For the first time, his father saw the sketch of his son means Pablo Picasso, this was the sketch of a pigeon which impressed him. So after this incident, Pablo’s training under his father began before 1890.

That’s why, there is a saying, the artworks of Pablo Picasso is nothing in front of his childhood work. You may match his paintings of this phase, its progress can be traced in the collection of early works.

The first issue his commercial work was published on 31 March 1901, it was the time of his great success in the field of the artistic world. Many people mark this phase as the starting point of his career.

Do you know the best thing about his work? In his entire life, he had done many experiments with paintings. Perhaps, you would not believe, Pablo Picasso was more curative than Andy Warhol.

There is no doubt, Andy Warhol had also done many experiments, But if you analyze them according to their demand. So Pablo Picasso would win because he experimented with different theories and techniques that were very new for the artistic world.

This artist is known as the pioneer of the surrealism movement but his contribution is not limited to surrealism movement. Because Pablo Picasso is known as the co-founder of the Cubist movement.

That’s why we see a strong relationship between these art movements, the work of Pablo Picasso is often characterized as cubosurrealist, mean the mixture of cubism and surrealism.

There is a question for you, tell us who had helped you so much in making your future, perhaps your answer would be – My father. In the same way, his father was a painter who used to make the paintings of birds and other mundane objects.

Thus his father was the great motivation for his artistic career. Perse, there was also a strong contribution of his mother in the artistic career of Pablo Picasso.

He was very beloved of his mother. In an interview, his mother had said many things about this artist such as- when Picasso had started speaking, his first word was “piz, piz”.

There is a question for you, have you ever faced failure in your life. Do you know? During 1893 the juvenile quality of his earliest work falls away, this was the phase of depression for Pablo Picasso.

The factual data about Pablo Picasso:-

This artist has been the topic of many books and movies. He is an example for them who wanted to become an artist.

There are many stories which tell about the biography of Pablo Picasso, some are motivational and some are inspirational.

But before that thing, factual data is a must. So read these paragraphs and try to feel the deepness of his life.

The date of birth of Pablo Picasso is October 25, 1881, and the place of birth is the city of Malaga, Spain.

Picasso’s full name has 23 words.

The real name is- Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de Los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso. And the short form of his name is Pablo Picasso.

This artist had accepted Christianity and he received this name when Picasso was baptized.

You may get confuse that how his name can be so long- it is not his name only but it includes the name of his other families members.

That’s why you would see other names such as Maria Picasso y Lopez and Jose Ruiz Blasco. They were his parents.

Pablo Picasso had received his last name from his mother received his last name from his mother Maria Picasso y Lopez.

Picasso was born extremely small. At the time of his birth, his size was very small. In fact, Picasso was so tiny that the doctor thought that this child is stillborn.

Pablo Picasso was married twice, and he was in open relationship with his wife.

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