Andy Warhol Book – Top 10 most famous and best seller books.
Andy Warhol books

Andy Warhol Book – Top 10 most famous and best seller books.

Andy Warhol: In this article, you would know everything about Andy Warhol book … to be continue

Andy Warhol Book, Print media & Collections

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Andy Warhol has the record of self-published books that were published between 1960 to 1980. In May 2006, his many self-published books (first copies) were auctioned in Doyle New York, and the bid for auction was US$35,000.

Some best selling books of this artist are- “A Gold Book,” “Wild Raspberries” and “Holy Cats” etc. He was one among the pioneers of pop art artists who commercialized the paintings of pop art, his one book- A La Recherche du shoe perdu that was published in 1955. Indeed it shaped or introduced this art as the favorite advertisement pillar for business hubs of that time.

These were some books that were completely based on the advancement of Pop art.

After gaining name and fame, he started writing other commercial books, that’s why many people especially his artist friends began saying that he has become the icon of advertisement industry and he gives very less attention to the artwork.

But despite having allegations, he continued his journey. His unique style of drawing and signature is very impressive that is still appreciated due to its deep meaning that reveals various aspects of the pop art movement.

  • A Novel (1968)
  • Blue Movie (1970)
  • The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (1975)
  • The Andy Warhol Diaries (1989)
  • Popism: The Warhol Sixties (1980)

Andy Warhol Museum

He was the leading figure of pop art movement who did work in various fields, and he wrote many books- 25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy in 1954, The Andy Warhol Diaries in 1989, Popism: The Warhol Sixties in 1980, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol in 1975.

Along with these books he worked in many movies like as Kiss of 1963, Screen Tests of 1964, Harlot of 1964, Space in 1965, etc. That’s why we see a deep connection between literature and film industry.

Apart from these notable works, he also strife for “Gay liberation movement,” voluntary participation in societal works. He did work for many associations and made his organization- “The factory” Finally if you want to see the precedents of his artworks, paintings, drawings, pictures, and his collections.

Then you should refer following Art galleries and museum–  The Andy Warhol Museum (This largest museum of America is dedicated to this artist, and it also organizes solo exhibitions and auctions of Andy Warhol). Museum of Modern Art is another biggest museum which is dedicated to this artist. It is situated in New York City.

  • Jewish Museum of Manhattan
  • Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art (Medzilaborce)
  • The Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh)


Not only paintings, pictures or drawings of this artist that you can see in American museums but also if want to look at all things concerned with Andy Warhol such as his newspapers, pizza dough, unpaid invoices, stamps used by him, supermarket flyers even his cookie jars and pornographic pulp novels or anything related to this artist.

Then you can see because these all things are available in Pittsburgh’s museum and Carnegie Museum of Natural History. They also include the significant works of Andy Warhol.

Yet these all things are safe, and you may amaze that these all things were collected by Andy Warhol itself.

Because He was an avid collector who used to collect all things including very personal things also, once a girl snatched away the wig of Andy Warhol, this was the incident of 1985 when after a lot of searches, they didn’t get that who stole that.

 Perhaps you may not see that wig, but indeed you can see thats mention in his diary. He had the collection of more than 40 wigs because he was very conscious of his hairstyle.

In the collection of Andy Warhol, you may get the picture of Coca Cola sign and other paintings of the 19th century.

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