Andy Warhol Movies, Documentaries, Films with download links
Andy Warhol movies

Andy Warhol Movies, Documentaries, Films with download links

Andy Warhol: In this article, you would know everything about Andy Warhol Movies -….. to be continue


Andy Warhol Movies, Films and Documentries

Andy Warhol Movies

In his entire life,  Andy Warhol, made or worked in 60 films(approximate), 500 short black /white screen test and wrote scripts for more than 150 movies and short films and played a crucial role in the advertisement industry.

He worked approximately in every industry of media- Films, advertisements, short videos, magazine’s interviews, etc. Some of them became so famous, especially the work of films- Sleep of 1963, Camp of 1965, Poor Little Rich Girl of 1965, Batman Dracula of 1964, etc.

He used to play a very dynamic and mysterious role in movies such as. In the film “Men in Black 3”, Andy Warhol was a MIB agent, who handles mission as a main secret hero and also along with this role, he also showed the deep and protruding relationship between Pop art and film industry.

Tom Meeten portrayed Andy Warhol as the main character in “Noel Fieldlings Luxury Comedy”- A British television show. This was a robot like character who used to show robot like mannerism.

And in 2017, Andy Warhol was cast in a true story of Ron Levin. This was the real story, Kevin Spacey had made this movie with this artist.

  • Couch (1964)
  • Kiss (1963)
  • Eat (1963)
  • Sleep (1963)
  • Screen Tests (1964–6)
  • Empire (1964) Soap Opera (1964)

Couch (1964) : Andy Warhol Movies

Couch (1964) : Andy Warhol Movies

Kiss (1963) : Andy Warhol Movies

Kiss (1963) : Andy Warhol Movies

Eat (1963) : Andy Warhol Movies

Eat (1963) : Andy Warhol Movies

Sleep (1963) : Andy Warhol Movies

Sleep (1963) : Andy Warhol Movies

Screen Tests (1964–6) : Andy Warhol Movies

Screen Tests (1964–6) : Andy Warhol Movies

Empire (1964) Soap Opera (1964) : Andy Warhol Movies

Empire (1964) Soap Opera (1964) : Andy Warhol Movies

Documentaries on Andy Warhol Life

In New York, there was his studio, and it was the gathering place of many people concerned with the pop art movement

Such as Drag queens, playwrights, Hollywood celebrities and Bohemian street people who worked with Andy Warhol in many projects like- “Andy Warhol: It was a documentary film of 2006 that was made by Ric Burns.

This was a very fantastic movie which was wholly devoted to the renaissance of pop art. This 4 hours movie also won “Peabody Award in 2006.

The 2nd most appreciated documentary was “Double Denied” of 2006. It was a short movie (documentary) of 52 minutes which was directed by Lan Yentob in the year 2006.

The movie “Double Denied” was based on the true story of Andy Warhol that how he faced difficulties and hardships of life and in what way he tackled them.

3rd documentary which became so famous was- “Andy Warhol’s People Factory” of 2008 which was shot in the studio of Andy Warhol (The Factory) in 2008. Catherine Shorr directed it in 2008. It was the 3 part television documentary.

 It shows the conversation with Andy Warhol and his associates. It features interviews with them and explains the early life of Andy Warhol.

  • Andy Warhol: Double Denied (2006)
  • Brillo Box (2016)
  • Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film (2006)

Andy Warhol: Double Denied (2006)

Andy Warhol: Double Denied (2006)

Brillo Box (2016)

Brillo Box (2016)

Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film (2006)

Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film (2006)

Television Series of Andy Warhol Production

Andy Warhol was a director, American artist, producer, and writer who worked in various fields of art and culture. He was the leading figure in the pop art movement(Visual art movement) and gave very lovely paintings such as  Marilyn Diptych of (1962) and Campbell’s Soup Cans of (1962).

Along with these remarkable achievements he also gave very big contribution in the field of advertisement and film industry.

He started a TV series “Vinyl” that was played by John Mitchell. It was a drama television series which was created by Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger, and Terence Winter.  In 2016, it was premiered on February on HBO.

In another television show “The Simpsons- Mom and Pop Art.” Andy Warhol was portrayed in this television show wherein he played the role as a homer who used to throw Soup cans at homer.

Mom and Pop art was the nineteenth episode of “The Simpsons.”

In the other programme of television wherein, it is shown that how his so-called colleagues shotted him in his New York studio.

The episode of “American Horror story” depicts how Valerie Solanas attempted murder of Andy Warhol and how he escaped it heroically.


Not only paintings, pictures or drawings of this artist that you can see in American museums but also if want to look at all things concerned with Andy Warhol such as his newspapers, pizza dough, unpaid invoices, stamps used by him, supermarket flyers even his cookie jars and pornographic pulp novels or anything related to this artist.

Then you can see because these all things are available in Pittsburgh’s museum and Carnegie Museum of Natural History. They also include the significant works of Andy Warhol.

Yet these all things are safe, and you may amaze that these all things were collected by Andy Warhol itself.

Because He was an avid collector who used to collect all things including very personal things also, once a girl snatched away the wig of Andy Warhol, this was the incident of 1985 when after a lot of searches, they didn’t get that who stole that.

 Perhaps you may not see that wig, but indeed you can see thats mention in his diary. He had the collection of more than 40 wigs because he was very conscious of his hairstyle.

In the collection of Andy Warhol, you may get the picture of Coca Cola sign and other paintings of the 19th century.

Media about Warhol

After the death of Andy Warhol, Mr. Crispin Glover and David Bowie portrayed this artist in two movies-The Doors of 1991 and another film Basquiat of 1996.

And also when this artist was not dead, then he was featured in the film Cocaine Cowboys of 1979 and Tootsie of 1982. Andy Warhol had his studio

The Factory which was situated in New York City, it was the hotspot of the gathering of drag queens, Hollywood celebrities, distinguished intellectuals, and wealthy patrons, etc.

He did many works in the field of media such as- Vinyl TV series, American Horror Story and along with these works he also gave a significant contribution in the field of media.

He founded Gossip magazine, worked in many films, produced many documentaries, did television shows, etc. That’s why he was the known name among media personnel. Therefore in honor of Andy Warhol, Mr. Richard sheaf had made an 18 cent postal stamp whereupon his name and artwork were depicted.

Because he was among the pioneers of the pop art movement that’s why American media portrayed him as the “Pope of Pop.” We can see these all achievements of Andy Warhol in his collections.

Other media

Perhaps, you might have information that he was only a pop artist who did work for the renaissance of pop art, but if you see the journey of his life then you would get-

He was an expert in various fields such as Sculpture, Performance art, Photography, Drawing, Music, Literature, filmography, etc.

Sculpture: The most famous statue of Andy Warhol is his work of Brillo Boxes wherein he made this box over and again upto 24 times. This was the Brillo soap pads, and this was the part of “Grocery Carton.”

Drawing: Andy Warhol had started his career as drawing artist and commercial artist who used to do it for advertisement industries.

There are so many personal drawings of Andy Warhol which are entirely based on sexual content and in most paintings he has made male nudes.

Audio: Andy Warhol used to carry a recorder in which he used to tap everything like as what others said about him, what he thinks about others. Some people used to say that this device was his wife due to his attachment with this portable recorder.

It is the basis of his some literary work. The Velvet Underground is the best example that shows how much avid he was with his daily happenings.

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