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Andy Warhol Museum

Andy Warhol Museum | Facts | Visit | Reviews

5 things you should know before visit.

Some questions related to the Andy Warhol Museum that people usually ask.


—— 5 things you should know before visit.

Now, this funny question would come in mind- Is the Andy Warhol Museum free?

So the answer is yes But only on Good Friday- Join us on Good Fridays for half-price admission, Fridays from 5–10 p.m.

But if you have planned to go there, please read the following information about this museum. This paragraph would guide you. And If you are planning for a future visit so it may provide you free entry.

We give a free ticket to Andy Warhol lovers. Enjoy reading.


1.      It is the only museum which is only dedicated to this artist, and this museum explores his legacy through pop art collection. You would get all kind of collection, from painting to other stuff.

2.      The museum has sponsored 56 traveling exhibits it is more than any other artist, this advertisement has attracted close to 9 million visitors. And if you want to become part of this museum, you may purchase a ticket from

3.      If you’re going to become a pop art artist, this museum can be a turning point of your life. Because on the third floor, you would get all the information which is required for a novice artist. Please don’t take it seriously, but it may help you hugely.

4.      For more details- There is an official facebook page of Andy Warhol Museum, please do visit that page for more information. Type Andy Warhol Museum facebook page, do join their fb group for the latest updates.


5.      If you want to buy anything from this museum so you may have to pay a hefty amount for it. So keep in mind, there is no doubt they provide an original imitation of his products but buying something from here would not be so good.

Information about this museum:-


Frequently Asked questions

1.What is the location of the Andy Warhol Museum?

This museum is located on the north shore of Pittsburgh. It is the most famous museum of the United States if you want to see the beauty of the pop art movement. So you should come to this museum.

It is the largest museum in North America. This seven floors building is so beautiful which is dedicated to this single Pop art artist.

This museum is located in America because Andy Warhol was also American.

2. Is it good to visit this museum or do I have any other alternative also?

This Museum is one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. There is no doubt you should visit this museum but if we talk about alternate.

So, yes, we have. Following is the list of most famous museums of painting and artwork.

The Broad, Los Angeles, California. …

American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland. …

The Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida. …

MoMA, New York City, New York. …

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. …

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. …

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts.

It’s a list of museums wherein you get the same feeling, these are some best museums, and this categorization has been made based on their demand.

But, we will not suggest you visit these museums because Andy Warhol Museum is unique in itself. The museum is located in an 88,000-square-foot.

So, you may guess the beauty of this museum. Best of Luck for your visit.

3. Should I know anything about this museum before the visit?

Plans for the museum were announced in October 1989. This museum was established after the death of Andy Warhol. This museum is very beautiful.

Thomas N. Armstrong III was the director of this museum during construction, and two official bodies laid the cornerstone of Andy Warhol Museum.  AWFVA and the Dia Foundation, they had donated the hefty amount to the construction company.

It was almost $80 million.

Factual data of Andy Warhol Museum

The location of the Andy Warhol Museum the North Shore of Pittsburgh.

The museum had attracted almost 25,000 visitors in one go that was the significant milestone for this museum.

It was the major setback for the lovers of Andy Warhol when The museum announced it had dropped its plans to open the New York annex. People wanted to exhibit the artworks of Andy Warhol, but after this official denial, they stopped.

Plans for the museum were announced in October 1989 by AWFVA and the Dia Foundation. It was the most significant initiative and its aftermath you may see

The museum is located in an 88,000-square-foot. The museum holds an extensive permanent collection of art and archives.

Its most recent operating budget (2010) was $6.1 million.

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