Andy Warhol Sexuality – Contribution to gay, lesbian cummunity


Andy Warhol: In this article, you would know everything about Warhol Sexual views ……


In 1980, Andy Warhol had revealed in a magazine interview that he was a gay and yet he is virgin, he also told Mr. Bob Colacello that in childhood or during the work of his foundation “The Factory”, he satisfied himself by the combination of masturbation and voyeurism, that’s why Mr. Warhol had led Gay liberation movement.

He always strived for them that’s why people from different walks of life respect them. But in the surgery condylomata, it proved that Mr.

Andy Warhol was not virgin, and this was also said by his lover Billy Boy who had also said that they both had achieved orgasm in sex.

Indeed these all things had affected the work of Warhol. Not only in his paintings but we see these things in his movies- Kiss (1963), Eat (1963), Blow Job (1964) and in Poor Little Rich Girl (1965), etc.

1- Andy Warhol lived openly as a third gender means Gay man, and when he announced his identity. After it, he ultimately joined the Gay liberation movement as a full-time social worker.
2- This artist showed his desire of sexual attachment and his mental complexity through various movies such as

Kiss (1963)

Eat (1963)

Sleep (1963)

Screen Tests (1964–6)

Blow Job (1964)

Vinyl (1965)

Horse (1965)

3- This artist supported gay underground culture by his paintings, movies and paintings and music.
4- There were many films which were premiered in gay porn theatres such as Andy Warhol Garrick Theatre. And still, there are many theatres which do show in the reminiscence of this artist.
5- This artist had expressed his gay feelings through homoerotic drawings of male nudes and movies.

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