Andy Warhol- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation
Andy Warhol detailed bio

Andy Warhol- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation

Andy Warhol: In this article, you would know everything about Andy Warhol- From his childhood to death. Andy Warhol- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation and more;


Andy Warhol- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation

Early life and beginnings

Andy Warhol was a controversial and influential American Pop art artist who worked for many magazines and art galleries, he was a commercial illustrator and made many paintings. 

Some of them are Campbell’s Soup Cans and Marilyn Diptych.

Apart from the Pop art movement, his work can be seen in other fields also such as the strife for the gay and lesbian community because he was also a gay who dedicated his last years of life to Gay liberation movement.

He founded “Interview magazine,” wrote many books from which two became most famous- Popism and The Philosophy of Andy Warhol. 

His studio of New York(The Factory) was the favorite place for everyone who was concerned with the pop art like as drag queens, Hollywood celebrities, distinguished intellectuals, and wealthy patrons.

Therefore along with the name of Andy Warhol, we see people from different fields. Andy Warhol died due to cardiac arrhythmia at the age of 58.  Due to the failure of his gallbladder surgery

In honor of him, you can see 18 cent stamp in the U.S postal service.

His journey has been very diverse because he had played a very pivotal role in various fields such as- Sculpture, Performance art, Photography, Drawing, Music, Literature, filmography, etc.


In 1980, Andy Warhol had revealed in a magazine interview that he was a gay and yet he is virgin, he also told Mr. Bob Colacello that in childhood or during the work of his foundation “The Factory”, 

He satisfied himself by the combination of masturbation and voyeurism, that’s why Mr. Andy Warhol had led Gay liberation movement.

He always strived for them that’s why people from different walks of life respect them. But in the surgery condylomata, it proved that Mr.

Andy Warhol was not virgin, and this was also said by his lover Billy Boy who had also said that they both had achieved orgasm in sex.

Thus, it shows that he was Gay and he had a physical relationship with his close friends and colleagues such as Billy Boy, John Giorno, Jon Gould, Charles Lisanby, etc. 

That’s why we see male nudes, sexual content, paintings of Gay liberation movement and other things that were taboo at that period.

 Indeed these all things had affected the work of Andy Warhol. Not only in his paintings but we see these things in his movies- Kiss (1963), Eat (1963), Blow Job (1964) and in Poor Little Rich Girl (1965), etc.

Andy Warhol Paintings

He is counted in one of the pioneers of pop art who devoted his life for the advancement of this art. When the group of artists from all over the world started discussion and debate over the existence of pop art as a separate discipline then, Mr. Andy Warhol became a leading figure.

Some concerned people(artists, admirers) recognized him as the “Pope of Pop.” Andy Warhol along with Roy Lichtenstein gave many contributions for the emergence of this art.

 In his early paintings, we see the combination of drawings and pictures of cartoons and advertisements.

Due to his endeavor, soon this art became very famous among the advertisement industry because, in the paintings of Andy Warhol, we see the best depiction of mundane and household things.

He introduced unique paintings made from human urine. Indeed it is, but this artist had used human urine in his paintings.

 In many famous paintings such as his “cow wallpaper” and “means of production.” He used the urine of Victor who was like the Ghost pisser of Andy Warhol. 

It was the consideration of this artist, to bring the real feeling, it is must to take real things from nature to draw paintings, drawings, and pictures. People used to say these paintings- Piss paintings.

  • Marilyn Diptych (1962)
  • Men in Her Life (1962)
  • Campbell’s Soup Cans (1962)
  • Green Car Crash (1963)
  • Triple Elvis (1963)
  • Green Coca-Cola Bottles (1962)

Andy Warhol Museum

He was the leading figure of pop art movement who did work in various fields, and he wrote many books- 25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy in 1954, The Andy Warhol Diaries in 1989, Popism: The Warhol Sixties in 1980, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol in 1975.

Along with these books he worked in many movies like as Kiss of 1963, Screen Tests of 1964, Harlot of 1964, Space in 1965, etc. That’s why we see a deep connection between literature and film industry.

Apart from these notable works, he also strife for “Gay liberation movement,” voluntary participation in societal works. 

He did work for many associations and made his organization- “The factory” Finally if you want to see the precedents of his artworks, paintings, drawings, pictures, and his collections.

Then you should refer following Art galleries and museum–  The Andy Warhol Museum (This largest museum of America is dedicated to this artist, and it also organizes solo exhibitions and auctions of Andy Warhol). 

Museum of Modern Art is another biggest museum which is dedicated to this artist. It is situated in New York City.

  • Jewish Museum of Manhattan
  • Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art (Medzilaborce)
  • The Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh)
Andy warhol Biography

Andy Warhol death cause

On Feb 22, 1987, we lost this leading figure of the pop art movement. According to media reports- Andy Warhol died at 6:32, morning due to an irregular heartbeat because he was suffering from a gallbladder infection.

But his family made an allegation that water intoxication and improper care was the reason for his death because he was recuperating from gallbladder surgery and why this postoperative irregular heartbeat came.

Thus, this incident brought the staff of hospital under the ambit of the doubt.

Therefore the family of Andy Warhol lodged the complaint against that hospital, and after proving, the family of this artist was compensated, and this amount was not disclosed. 

But after 30 years, it is still a mystery that how this artist died.

Many concerned people say- He died because of gunshot wounds and others say because of Gallbladder infection, or some say, due to inadequate care.

The body of this pop art artist was brought to Thomas Funeral Home for the last farewell. 

He was dressed in his favorite dress (A platinum wig, long and black cashmere suit. Black tie, and with his sunglasses) — Mr. Monsignor Peter eulogy at the Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church.

His memorial is situated in New York(St. Patrick Cathedral).

Books and print

Andy Warhol has the record of self-published books that were published between 1960 to 1980. In May 2006, his many self-published books (first copies) were auctioned in Doyle New York, and the bid for auction was US$35,000.

Some best selling books of this artist are- “A Gold Book,” “Wild Raspberries” and “Holy Cats” etc. He was one among the pioneers of pop art artists who commercialized the paintings of pop art, his one book- A La Recherche du shoe perdu that was published in 1955. 

Indeed it shaped or introduced this art as the favorite advertisement pillar for business hubs of that time.

These were some books that were completely based on the advancement of Pop art.

After gaining name and fame, he started writing other commercial books, that’s why many people especially his artist friends began saying that he has become the icon of advertisement industry and he gives very less attention to the artwork.

But despite having allegations, he continued his journey. 

His unique style of drawing and signature is very impressive that is still appreciated due to its deep meaning that reveals various aspects of the pop art movement.

  • A Novel (1968)
  • Blue Movie (1970)
  • The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (1975)
  • The Andy Warhol Diaries (1989)
  • Popism: The Warhol Sixties (1980)

Religious Beliefs

Andy Warhol has worked in many religious movies that show that he was religious- He was the follower of Ruthenian Catholic sect of Christianity, and at many occasions, 

He had portrayed himself as a religious person who devoted his life for the benevolence poor people through his art.

Later he depicted many pictures and worked in religious movies– “Details of Renaissance paintings” of 1984 and  “The Last Supper” of 1986. Priest, Saint Vincent Ferrer had once said that Mr. Andy Warhol didn’t miss any Liturgy (A kind of song that is sung after death to pay homage).

He only used to go there for liturgy, but he hardly attended Confession and Communion. Actually, by doing so, he was crossing the demarcation between two sects of Christianity.

We see the influence of his religious perception in his art because he has depicted many pictures, paintings, drawings, etc. in which he has shown the beauty of worship places and feelings for Eastern Christian tradition.

Indeed somebody’s religious matter is very personal that’s why despite knowing, the brother of Andy Warhol always concealed it.



In his entire life,  Andy Warhol, made or worked in 60 films(approximate), 500 short black /white screen test and wrote scripts for more than 150 movies and short films and played a crucial role in the advertisement industry.

He worked approximately in every industry of media- Films, advertisements, short videos, magazine’s interviews, etc. 

Some of them became so famous, especially the work of films- Sleep of 1963, Camp of 1965, Poor Little Rich Girl of 1965, Batman Dracula of 1964, etc.

He used to play a very dynamic and mysterious role in movies such as. In the film “Men in Black 3”, Andy Warhol was a MIB agent, who handles mission as a main secret hero and also along with this role, he also showed the deep and protruding relationship between Pop art and film industry.

Tom Meeten portrayed Andy Warhol as the main character in “Noel Fieldlings Luxury Comedy”- A British television show. This was a robot like character who used to show robot like mannerism.

And in 2017, Andy Warhol was cast in a true story of Ron Levin. This was the real story, Kevin Spacey had made this movie with this artist.

  • Couch (1964)
  • Kiss (1963)
  • Eat (1963)
  • Sleep (1963)
  • Screen Tests (1964–6)
  • Empire (1964) Soap Opera (1964)


Andy Warhol along with Paul Morrissey acted as a Band Manager in the mid of 1960, he adopted the band “The Velvet Underground” and performed many multimedia performance

During the work of “The Velvet Underground” He also worked in many albums like as The Quine Tapes, Live at Max’s Kansas City.

The Complete Matrix Tapes along with The Velvet Underground. Because already he had the knowledge of music that’s why he could influence many bands like Devo and David Bowie.

He showed the relation between artistic expression and abstract expressionism- He designed many albums for the cover page of advertisement industries and artists-

The work of “This Is John Wallowitch!!!” of 1964 is counted among the most appreciated work of Andy Warhol. 

Along with this artist, Bowie had recorded a song- Andy Warhol in 1971 and just after it, somebody shot the Andy Warhol and in this incident.

He lost the physical support for singing and other things like music movie etc. 

Indeed he was very dynamic in personality who created history by working in various fields, and Bowie used to say that how one meeting with this artist changed his entire life.

  • Tub Girls (1967)
  • The Nude Restaurant (1967)
  • The Andy Warhol Story (1966)
  • Lonesome Cowboys (1968)
  • Four Stars**** (1967)
  • Imitation of Christ (1967)


Andy Warhol was a director, American artist, producer, and writer who worked in various fields of art and culture. 

He was the leading figure in the pop art movement(Visual art movement) and gave very lovely paintings such as  Marilyn Diptych of (1962) and Campbell’s Soup Cans of (1962).

Along with these remarkable achievements he also gave very big contribution in the field of advertisement and film industry.

He started a TV series “Vinyl” that was played by John Mitchell. It was a drama television series which was created by Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger, and Terence Winter.  In 2016, it was premiered on February on HBO.

In another television show “The Simpsons- Mom and Pop Art.” Andy Warhol was portrayed in this television show wherein he played the role as a homer who used to throw Soup cans at homer.

Mom and Pop art was the nineteenth episode of “The Simpsons.”

In the other programme of television wherein, it is shown that how his so-called colleagues shotted him in his New York studio.

The episode of “American Horror story” depicts how Valerie Solanas attempted murder of Andy Warhol and how he escaped it heroically.

Andy Warhol museums_compressed


Not only paintings, pictures or drawings of this artist that you can see in American museums but also if want to look at all things concerned with Andy Warhol such as his newspapers, pizza dough, unpaid invoices, stamps used by him, supermarket flyers even his cookie jars and pornographic pulp novels or anything related to this artist.

Then you can see because these all things are available in Pittsburgh’s museum and Carnegie Museum of Natural History. They also include the significant works of Andy Warhol.

Yet these all things are safe, and you may amaze that these all things were collected by Andy Warhol itself.

Because He was an avid collector who used to collect all things including very personal things also, once a girl snatched away the wig of Andy Warhol, this was the incident of 1985 when after a lot of searches, they didn’t get that who stole that.

 Perhaps you may not see that wig, but indeed you can see thats mention in his diary. He had the collection of more than 40 wigs because he was very conscious of his hairstyle.

In the collection of Andy Warhol, you may get the picture of Coca Cola sign and other paintings of the 19th century.

Producer and Product

He wrote many books- Blue Movie in 1970, 25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy in 1954, and The Philosophy of Andy Warhol in 1975. 

These all books show the broad thinking and Approach of Andy Warhol.

This artist had worked in many Hollywood movies, and many many movies and T.V shows he hosted- 

Kiss of (1963), Eat of (1963), Sleep of (1963), Screen Tests of (1964), Blow Job of (1964), and  Batman Dracula of (1964).

These all movies were unique, and many ones did get the permission of censor board due to their sexual content.

On the other hand, the artworks of Andy Warhol is highly demanding yet because his paintings show the best relationship between artistic expression and abstract expressionism.

Significant artworks of Andy Warhol- Campbell’s Soup Cans of 1962, Marilyn Diptych of 1962, Eight Elvises of 1963, Green Coca Cola Bottles of 1962.

  • The Velvet Underground
  • Warhol Superstars Studio
  • The Factory
  • 54 New Andy Warhol Garrick Theatre
  • 55th Street Playhouse
Andy Warhol

Personal Life

There are so many rumors about the past life of Andy Warhol that leave much-untold truth or veracity.

But due to the stockpile(Collection of his things that he used), we estimate many things- What was his real personal belief, his understanding of the personal relationship. 

In 1980, Andy Warhol had said in a magazine interview that he always strives for the betterment of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community because he is gay.

 And he also indicated that still, he is virgin, but the first lover of Andy Warhol (Billy Boy)revealed that Andy Warhol is not virgin and he had involved in the combination of masturbation and voyeurism.

It is said that homosexuality and his personal believes influenced his actions and approach to the expression of pop art.

Because he has portrayed his personal life on canvas in many instances, in his whole career if we summarise his life, then we would get that he produced erotic photography.

Pornographic paintings of male nudes such as in the paintings of- Liza Minnelli, Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, etc.

But his Religious belief was very common. Andy Warhol was the follower of Ruthenian Catholic sect

The priest Saint Vincent Ferrer had said in his one interview- Andy Warhol never missed any Liturgy of Church, he always comes to attend liturgy ceremony.

Although he didn’t attend confession session of other holy rites of the church still his continuity shows that how much he is devoted for religion.


The name of Andy Warhol is counted among the pioneer of pop art movement who devoted his entire life to this art. 

He created a foundation which was based on the advancement of visual art.

Due to his works in various fields like painting, drawing, film industry, advertisement industry, Television shows, etc. He achieved a remarkable position in each of above. 

He founded his studio in New York City (The Factory).

Along with the work of “The Factory,” he continued other works also.

He began his foundation for the betterment and advancement of pop art. In 1987, he laid the foundation of his own art school- Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

In 1988, he fostered the creative process and artistic expression. Andy Warhol more emphasized on innovative artistic interpretation.

Initially, The Artists Rights Society became the leading figure in the day to day business of “Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.”

It keeps an eye on all the producer of films who try to misuse the original content of Andy Warhol. 

This foundation had released Anniversary Annual report between 1987 to 2007, and it released the 20th report in 2007.

Media about Warhol

After the death of Andy Warhol, Mr. Crispin Glover and David Bowie portrayed this artist in two movies-The Doors of 1991 and another film Basquiat of 1996.

And also when this artist was not dead, then he was featured in the film Cocaine Cowboys of 1979 and Tootsie of 1982. Andy Warhol had his studio

The Factory which was situated in New York City, it was the hotspot of the gathering of drag queens, Hollywood celebrities, distinguished intellectuals, and wealthy patrons, etc.

He did many works in the field of media such as- Vinyl TV series, American Horror Story and along with these works he also gave a significant contribution in the field of media.

He founded Gossip magazine, worked in many films, produced many documentaries, did television shows, etc. 

That’s why he was the known name among media personnel. 

Therefore in honor of Andy Warhol, Mr. Richard sheaf had made an 18 cent postal stamp whereupon his name and artwork were depicted.

Because he was among the pioneers of the pop art movement that’s why American media portrayed him as the “Pope of Pop.” We can see these all achievements of Andy Warhol in his collections.

Attempted murder (1968)

It was the dark phase in the history of Pop art when a radical feminist writer Valerie Solanas who was also the colleague of Andy Warhol shot Warhol On June 3, 1968. 

Valerie Solanas was both the critic and curator in Warhol’s studio “The Factory.” This shooter, Valerie Solanas had said that he was continuously humiliated by Andy Warhol, 

She had become just a marginal figure in the “The Factory.

Valerie Solanas was an American radical feminist writer who was against the principles of Andy Warhol. Who used to believe that every woman should have the freedom to express and live life in her way,

She went to his New York studio, where she Warhol with his manager Mario Amaya, she shot three times at Warhol, the first two shots missed but the 3rd shot of gun wounded Andy Warhol badly

Ms. Valerie Solanas was charged with assault, illegal possession of the gun and attempting murder.

That gunshot was not the reason for his death. He died due to Gallbladder problem (water intoxication and improper care). 

But if you see the complete picture, then you may say that all three things were the reason for his death- Ballistic trauma, Gallbladder injury, water intoxication and improper care of hospital staff.


In New York, there was his studio, and it was the gathering place of many people concerned with the pop art movement

Such as Drag queens, playwrights, Hollywood celebrities and Bohemian street people who worked with Andy Warhol in many projects like- “Andy Warhol: It was a documentary film of 2006 that was made by Ric Burns.

This was a very fantastic movie which was wholly devoted to the renaissance of pop art. This 4 hours movie also won “Peabody Award in 2006.

The 2nd most appreciated documentary was “Double Denied” of 2006. It was a short movie (documentary) of 52 minutes which was directed by Lan Yentob in the year 2006.

The movie “Double Denied” was based on the true story of Andy Warhol that how he faced difficulties and hardships of life and in what way he tackled them.

3rd documentary which became so famous was- “Andy Warhol’s People Factory” of 2008 which was shot in the studio of Andy Warhol (The Factory) in 2008. Catherine Shorr directed it in 2008. It was the 3 part television documentary.

 It shows the conversation with Andy Warhol and his associates. It features interviews with them and explains the early life of Andy Warhol.

  • Andy Warhol: Double Denied (2006)
  • Brillo Box (2016)
  • Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film (2006)

Other media

Perhaps, you might have information that he was only a pop artist who did work for the renaissance of pop art, but if you see the journey of his life then you would get-

He was an expert in various fields such as Sculpture, Performance art, Photography, Drawing, Music, Literature, filmography, etc.

Sculpture: The most famous statue of Andy Warhol is his work of Brillo Boxes wherein he made this box over and again upto 24 times. This was the Brillo soap pads, and this was the part of “Grocery Carton.”

Drawing: Andy Warhol had started his career as drawing artist and commercial artist who used to do it for advertisement industries.

There are so many personal drawings of Andy Warhol which are entirely based on sexual content and in most paintings he has made male nudes.

Audio: Andy Warhol used to carry a recorder in which he used to tap everything like as what others said about him, what he thinks about others. Some people used to say that this device was his wife due to his attachment with this portable recorder.

It is the basis of his some literary work. The Velvet Underground is the best example that shows how much avid he was with his daily happenings.


Due to remarkable work in various fields, this artist was awarded in many instances. He received the 66th Annual Peabody Award in May 2007. He wrote many books, and he also won awards for them- In 1966, he received Scholastic Art and Writing Award.

 Along with paintings and writing work, Andy Warhol was also famous for his remarkable work in advertisement and film industry therefore in 2006, he received Peabody Award for “4-hour movie” by Ric Burns, and even for other notable work, he won awards in the form of incentives and congratulations.

He was called the “Pope of Pop,” and he was the only who led pop art movement in the starting phase.  After inception, this pop art movement was joined by Mr. Roy.

In honor of Andy Warhol, Mr. Richard Sheaff had designed a postal stamp.

Richard Sheaff launched this stamp at the Andy Warhol Museum, and this is the only museum which still organizes solo auctions and exhibition for Andy Warhol. In 1964, it featured the painting of Andy Warhol in America, again in March 2011- A statue of this artist with his Polaroid camera was revealed in New York City(Union Square mall).

The 18 cent stamp made by Richard Sheaff is still used by U.S Postal service.

  • Peabody Award in 2006
  • 66th Annual Peabody Award
  • Scholastic Art and Writing Award

Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board

It was a private body concerned with the pop art movement which used to certify the authenticity of Andy Warhol’s works, and this organization was active from 1995 to 2012.

Along with the foundation of Andy Warhol “Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts,” this body was also created, it had six members, including curators and art historians who were in personal relation with Andy Warhol.

 The members of “Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board” used to meet three times in a year to check, certify and examine the works of Andy Warhol. And they also used to keep an eye on the members of his “The Factory” organization; they were drag queens, Hollywood celebrities, distinguished intellectuals, and wealthy patrons.

But on October 19, 2011. It was announced that this body Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board would be dissolved to increase the Charitable contributions to the art.

But this body would be active in other fields that don’t come under the ambit of Catalogue raisonne because catalog raisonné had nothing to with commercial aspects of the pop art movement. And this would bring everything that is made by Andy Warhol.


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