Keith Haring Foundation: Frequently asked questions, Present status

Keith Haring Foundation: Frequently asked questions, Present status

Keith Haring: In this article, you would know everything about Keith Haring- From his childhood to death. Keith Haring- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation.


Keith Haring Foundation

Keith Haring Foundation

Keith Haring started his career as a cartoonist who was very far from commercial paintings.

But later, he started work for many nonprofit organisations which were active in the field of health awareness. Thus the foundation of “Keith Haring Foundation” had been laid.

In 1989, this foundation started work for those people who were the worst sufferers of sexual diseases. Initially, very few people came for to give financial assistance but soon the donors, supporter, and other artists of pop art started joining this foundation avidly.

It was started to raise funds from all over the world for HIV/AIDS patients and children suffering from starvation and hunger.

Through Keith Haring foundation, very soon people turned this initiative into the mass movement because, at that time, many people were suffering from this severe disease.

Indeed Keith Haring was gay, and he accepted this thing openly, but despite having this identity, he also spread awareness for safe sex.

Keith Haring was the torchbearer of “AIDS awareness” in New York City. Along with this awareness, he also used to express his political thought through his paintings.

We can see his depictions in his “Crack is Wack” painting wherein he has shown the simple relation between a healthy life and pop art.

Authentication issues of Keith Haring paintings

There are many paintings and murals, but there is no catalogue raisonne.

There is copious information about Keith Haring- About his personal life, sexuality, paintings, collections etc. But lots of them are not authentic, and they are only the imitation of Keith Haring’s style.

Because the depictions of radiant babies and other characters were so easy and only idea behind those pictures was difficult.

In the painting “Crack is Wack”, in which he has tried to depict the relationship between artistic expression and HIV/AIDS awareness.

Keith Haring died on Feb 1990 due to AIDS-related complications and because he is represented by Keith Haring Foundation and by other 17 associations. It is very probable that you may get unauthentic paintings of Keith.

That’s why to curb the issue of authentication, a group of members of the elite class was introduced to check the authenticity of Keith Haring’s paintings.

But in 2012, due to some reasons, the Keith Haring Foundation had disbanded this authentication board.

That’s why a group of nine art collectors had filed a lawsuit in 2014 and said that the action of “Keith Haring Foundation” has taken the wrong step because it has limited the number of exhibitions in the public domain.

Art market

After the death of Keith Haring, only “Keith Haring Foundation” is the body which still organises exhibition and auction programme for the artwork of this artist.

 Indeed there are many other museums, art galleries and foundations such as Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Whitney Museum of American Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, National Gallery of Victoria, and Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. But only you may trust on Keith Haring Foundation for authentic and original work.

Keith Haring Foundation- It is still active in New York and works in full swing.

It has a two-fold mission, First- Financing AIDS research and patient care system, Second- Supporting educational opportunities for children (underprivileged). In the case of piracy or copyright, it is held responsible.

Gladstone Gallery represents Keith Haring and Keith Haring Foundation in the Art market of the world.

In the preservation of Keith Haring art, the name of Tony Shafrazi is counted who devoted his professional life to this artist- He(Keith) was represented by art dealer Tony Shafrazi until his death.

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