Keith Haring Pop shop: Latest online sale! – Best Posters, Cool T-Shirts and more

Keith Haring Pop shop: Latest online sale! – Best Posters, Cool T-Shirts and more

Keith Haring: In this article, you would know everything about Keith Haring- From his childhood to death. Keith Haring- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation.


Keith Haring Pop shop

Keith Haring pop shop

Copious information, unauthentic paintings and bogus work of Keith Haring was flooded in New York markets (Museums, art galleries, exhibitions).

To curb these things, an association came into existence to check the authenticity of the work of Keith Haring. Its name was a Pop shop which was opened in Soho. This shop introduced all works (original imitation of Keith Haring’s paintings, depiction and picture of radiant babies etc.) at a single place.

Now all artworks were available in the single purview.

Per se, initially Keith Haring was not a commercial illustrator, but this Pop shop presented Keith Haring as a professional painter/artist.

Due to this commercialisation, he started depicting more socio-political themes in his paintings such as AIDS awareness, crack cocaine epidemic and anti Apartheid. Like Andy Warhol, he also became famous among advertisement industries, big companies and the film industry.

Keith Haring also created many pop art pieces influenced by many other commercial products such as Lucky Strike cigarettes, Absolut Vodka and Coca Cola etc.

Along with commercial illustration, Mr Keith Haring also made/designed the cover of the album “A Very Special Christmas” that was featured in the Pop Shop.

Producer and product

Crack is Wack- Keith Haring created this mural in 1986, it’s a depiction of radiant babies and flying saucers, and through this painting, he criticised the avoidance of all concerned bodies that were in the work of HIV/AIDS eradication.

The Painting of Keith Haring is visible from FDR Drive (New York City).

German flag- Checkpoint Charlie Museum had given a project to Keith Haring to paint the Berlin Wall. This length of this mural was 300 meters, and he depicted this wall with black and red interlocking.

This mural was the symbol of unity between West and East Germany. It was the representation of the “German Flag”.

Murals- His first mural painting of Barcelona (Spain) became famous, and he received the commission for this painting. Mr Keith Haring was the sincere belief that the menace of insecure sexual intercourse could be tackled by awareness only.

That’s why we see the depiction of logos (Radiant babies) and sexual gestures of people which show- What to do and what not to do.

In most of his murals, we see the repetition of the same kind of art which is nothing but the imitation of sexual gestures and postures.

Awareness programme- Keith Haring was an American artist whose art style worked as the awareness weapon when the severity of sexual disease was at the peak in America.

People liked his continuous pattern of meaningful gestures. Still, his paintings (mural) may be seen in the streets and aisles of New York City.

His paintings flooded subways of New York City. And his Crack is Wack painting was most famous paintings among those murals.


The work of Keith Haring can be categorized in public and private collections, his collections are available in many art galleries, museums and foundations such as Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Victoria, Whitney Museum of American Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

Description of some of them-

Museum of Modern Art- It’s a New York-based museum which organises auction and exhibition for the work of pop art artists, is located in Manhattan in Midtown. It’s a multi-storey building, and the museum is situated on 53rd Street (Between fifth and Sixth avenues).

Whitney Museum of American Art- This museum is also known as Whitney (Informally). It is also located in Manhattan. It was founded by Gertrude Whitney. He was a prominent and wealthy American who gave contribution in various fields of art.


In 1985, Keith Haring met Andy Warhol and Grace Jones, and his paintings had become famous in New York, Manhattan but still Keith Haring was not renowned in fashion and advertisement industry.

But with the collaboration of Grace Jones, he performed two life performance at Paradise Garage. Due to it, people used to say about this place- “Epicentre for black dance”.

It was the amusing performance of both Grace Jones and Keith Haring wherein Keith Haring covered Grace Jones’ body with graffiti. These were the same graffiti which Mr Keith Haring had made it before Paradise Garage’s performance.

After this successful performance, he became famous among the people of the Fashion world. He also collaborated with Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood.

They were the elite of the fashion world. His artwork A/W 1983/84 Witches collection became so famous which was made by Keith Haring for Madonna. Madonna performed her song –Like a Virgin-

Along with this song “Like a Virgin”, the work of Keith Haring also became famous. It is said that it was the first platform which had recognised Keith Haring as a costume designer.

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