Richard Hamilton- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation

Richard Hamilton- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation

Richard Hamilton: In this article, you would know everything about Richard Hamilton- From his childhood to death. Richard Hamilton- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation.

Richard Hamilton- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation

Early life and beginnings

Richard Hamilton was born in Pimlico (A small area within London city) on February 24, 1992. He had no formal education, but Richard Hamilton managed to gain employment (Job) as a Trainee working at an electrical components firm.

Here Richard Hamilton discovered an ability to draw professional paintings. This pop art artist had begun evening classes at Saint Martin art school. And along with this institution, he also joined another art school- Westminster School of Art.

After these two art schools, Richard Hamilton enrolled in another art school. It was the Royal Academy of Arts (An art institution based in London). He also worked as a technical draftsman, after spending the (1939-1945) World War 2, he re-enrolled at his previous art school (Royal Academy School).

But due to some severe reason, Richard Hamilton was expelled in 1946 on the grounds of (Not- Profiting from the instruction). Now, this pop art artist had lost his student status, and this predicament forced him to join National service. But he could not carry this profession, and he quit.

After two years, Richard Hamilton began exhibiting his artwork at the Institute of Contemporary Arts where Richard Hamilton produced leaflets and posters. That’s why you see the various combination of paintings wherein he has taken mundane objects as his painting subject.

Notable work

Most paintings of Richard Hamilton show the creative connection between the consumeristic world and artistic expression. We see many artworks wherein this artist has worked as a commercial illustrator.

D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson was an eminent Scottish biologist, classics scholar and mathematician who influenced the pattern of artwork of Richard Hamilton. The contribution of this artist in the renaissance of the pop art movement (The Independent Group) is very commendable.

He was an active member of “The Independent Group.” Richard Hamilton had given an introductory lecture in 1959 at the podium of “The Independent Group.”

Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?– This painting is a beautiful depiction of this artist, Richard Hamilton had made this painting in 1956. It is a collage painting which is medium in size. The dimension of this painting is- (10.25 in × 9.75 in).

Kunsthalle Tübingen (A traditional university town) still features this painting in its main display. In this painting, you see mundane daily objects which have been depicted by this artist so beautifully.


Richard Hamilton had received the William and Norma Copley Foundation Award in 1960. After getting international recognition, he became very demanding pop art artist in the advertisement industry.

After nine years, in 1969, Richard Hamilton had received one more award- John Moores Painting Prize (Biennial Award) in 1969. These all series of incidents and beautiful moments of Richard Hamilton have been preserved by many art galleries and museums.

London based Tate Gallery has a comprehensive collection of paintings, artworks, collage paintings of Richard Hamilton. This art gallery also shows other, other advertisement material which was made by this artist.

In 1996, an art museum (Kunstmuseum Winterthur) received a substantial gift of Richard Hamilton’s paintings and prints. This collection makes this museum, the largest repository of the artist’s prints.

The Robert Fraser Gallery represents Richard Hamilton as a pop art artist. An another Art Gallery- The Alan Cristea Gallery (London) Is the largest distributor of Hamilton’s prints and imitation of his real paintings.


Hanover Gallery was the first institution which had featured and exhibited the first professional artwork of Richard Hamilton. This museum is situated in London (1955). This artist had represented Great Britain in 1993 at the Venice Biennale. And he was awarded the Golden Lion (Highest Prize of Venice Film Festival).

Roughly speaking, overall major retrospective exhibitions of Richard Hamilton is organized by the “Tate Gallery.” A very famous Gallery (Dublin City Gallery- The Hugh Lane) showed a joint exhibition of both Rita Donagh and Richard Hamilton. Their artworks became so demanding, and it broke the previous record.

There is a list of Art galleries and Museums which still feature the artwork of Richard Hamilton. Following is the list of those institutions.

  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
  • Museum Ludwig
  • Serpentine Gallery
  • Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh
  • Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía
  • Tate Modern
  • Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane
  • Minneapolis Institute of Arts
  • The National Gallery’s “Richard Hamilton

These museums play a very crucial role in the exhibition of paintings made by Richard Hamilton. And these exhibitions explore the relationship between the advertisement industry and artistic world. In this way, these institutions examine the parameter for collaboration and engagement with other pop art artists.

  • Jewish Museum of Manhattan
  • Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art (Medzilaborce)
  • The Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh)


There are so many awards, prizes, and titles which are given to this artist (Richard Hamiton). Some of them are very famous which changed the professional life of this artist. These are- William and Noma Copley Foundation Award and the John Moores Painting Prize. These awards show the recognition parameter of Richard Hamilton.


William and Noma Copley Foundation Award- It is also known as CPLY. He was an American writer and painter, and this award is conferred in honor of this artist.

John Moores Painting Prize- It’s a biennial award that is given to the best contemporary painting. Its submission is open to the public.

Venice Biennale- This term refers to an art organization that is based in Venice. And this organization has changed its name, and its name became Biennale Foundation in 2009.

Art market

Many times Robert Fraser Gallery has represented Richard Hamilton in its special exhibition. Along with this art gallery, Alan Cristea Gallery is the distributor of Richard Hamilton’s prints. This art gallery is situated in London. His highest auction record is £440,000– It was the highest auction amount of that time.

Richard Hamilton is not only famous among pop art artist, but he has been the icon of the advertisement industry. In a government survey, it was found that Richard Hamilton has been the pivotal point of many art galleries which are completely devoted to charity works.

In 2014, Local government owned a museum (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía) as a trustee and this institutional body insured 246 artworks of Richard Hamilton in 115.6 million euros ($157 million). And this so-called art association also preserved the artworks of this pop art artist.

According to an order that was published as law by the formal body (Ministry of Education, Sports, and culture)- This body raises funds against any loss or damage of Richard Hamilton artworks.

Richard Hamilton Paintings & Pop art

Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?

1-Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?

  • Artists: Richard Hamilton, John McHale
  • Dimensions: 26 cm x 25 cm
  • Location: Kunsthalle Tubingen
  • Medium: Collage
  • Created: 1956
  • Period: Pop art

It’s a collage painting, and it’s a collection of the Tübingen, Germany, Kunsthalle Tübingen. It was the first painting which has the iconic status, and it shows the American lifestyle of that time.

2-Swinging London 67 (c)

  • Artist: Richard Hamilton
  • Dimensions: 67 cm x 85 cm
  • Created: 1968–1969
  • Medium: Silkscreen ink
  • The medium of this painting is screenprint, paper, Acrylic paint, aluminum, and metalized acetateon white canvas

This painting is very lovely, Richard Hamilton had made this painting in 1968, during the pop art movement. The medium of this painting is unique-. Screenprint, paper, Acrylic paint, aluminum, and metalized acetateon white canvas.

Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?

3-My Marilyn (Paste Up)

  • Artist: Richard Hamilton 1922–2011
  • Medium: Screenprint on paper
  • Dimensions: Image: 518 x 632 mm
  • Collection: Tate

The real dimension of this painting is 518 x 632 mm which is an image. It’s a part of the Tate collection. It is presented by Chris Prater and Rose through the Institute of contemporary prints (1975)

4-Fashion plate

  • Artist: Richard Hamilton
  • Created: 1970
  • Period: Pop art

It is also part of the Tate collection. The medium of this painting is screenprint, pochoir, Lithograph and cosmetic on paper. The concerned institution in 1983 conferred its real acquisition.

Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?

5-Interior II

  • Artist: Richard Hamilton
  • Created: 1964
  • Period: Pop art

The medium of this painting is-C cellulose paint, Oil paint and printed paper on board. You may see this painting in two dimensions. Note: It is not real painting but the imitation of real painting. Dimension- Frame: 1425 x 1830 x 100 mm and Support: 1219 x 1626 mm.

6-Hommage à Chrysler Corp.

  • Artist: Richard Hamilton 1922–2011
  • Medium: Oil paint, metal foil and digital print on wood
  • Dimensions: Unconfirmed: 1220 x 810 mm
  • Frame: 1479 x 1074 x 67 mm
  • Collection: Tate

Richard Hamilton had made this painting during the pop art movement; this painting is the symbol of the connection between artistic expression and western lifestyle. The medium of this painting is- Oil paint, metal foil and digital print on wood.

Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?

7-I’m dreaming of a black Christmas

  • Artist: Richard Hamilton
  • Created: 1971
  • Period: Pop art
  • Genre: History painting

It’s an artwork on simple paper wherein this artist has used simple material (collotype and Screenprint on paper). And its imitation comes under the purview of copyright (© Richard Hamilton- All Rights Reserved, DACS 2018).

8-Study for a Fashion plate

  • Artist: Richard Hamilton
  • Created: 1969
  • Period: Pop art

Tate gallery has its Acquisition rights which reference number is P07937. A concerned person purchased this painting in 1983. The medium of this painting is- Screenprint, pochoir, Lithograph, and cosmetic on paper.

Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?

9-Portrait of Hugh Gaitskill as a Famous Monster of Filmland

  • Artist: Richard Hamilton
  • Created: 1964
  • Genre: Portrait

He was one of the most influential artists of Britain of the 20th century. The work of Richard Hamilton encompasses such type of dignitaries (Politician, administrator and other important personnel). In some paintings, he has expressed mockery.

10-I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

  • Artist: Richard Hamilton
  • Created: 1967
  • Period: Pop art
  • Genre: History painting

It’s a painting of an English man who is smiling and seeing his bedroom’s things, and this depiction became so famous in this period. Because of its reality, it shows the real lifestyle and traditional dress of American culture.


The only artist who influenced the work of Richard Hamilton was D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson. His work (Text) “Growth and Form” of 1917 was so famous. Therefore Richard Hamilton considered it as precedent in his initial paintings. In 1952, when a group of pop art artists had organized a gathering at the ICA. Then this artist had delivered an excellent speech.

It was the podium of “The Independent Group.” Here he met with Eduardo Paolozzi and decided that they will work together. That’s why, we see many paintings, depictions of Richard Hamilton wherein we see Eduardo like painting styles.

Richard Hamilton gave a 1959 lecture, “Breathtaking Cinemascope, Glorious Technicolor and Stereophonic Sound.” This phrase was taken from a Cole Porter song lyric of 1957. In this lecture of 1957, this artist portrayed himself as a professional/commercial painter.

These were the main incidents of Richard Hamilton’s life, and it is the part of his Bibliography.


During this period, this artist enjoyed the international acclaim due to the number of artworks and major exhibitions which were organized specially for him. During this phase, he found a new companion (Rita Donagh). And along with this artist, Richard Hamilton set a new goal (Converting North End- farmland into a studio and home).

After this step, he completely adopted the profession as a commercial illustrator. In 1970, this artist activity was mainly concentrated on diverse activities such as the investigation of printmaking processes and in other artistic works also.

In 1992, he was commissioned by the BBC. This commission was given to Richard Hamilton to recreate his famous artwork piece-, Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes So Different, So Appealing?.

In 1981, Richard Hamilton began work on the trilogy of paintings which was based on the conflict in Northern Ireland. After watching a television documentary “Blanket”- it is a protest organized by IRA prisoners. In this show, Richard Hamilton had worked with them.


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Richard Hamilton had no formal qualification, and this artist had left school at the primary level. But despite this qualification gap, Richard Hamilton managed to gain employment (Job) as an apprentice at an electrical components firm.

His life passes through 3 educational institutions from where he got a formal education.

Royal Academy

It’s an art institution based in Burlington House (London). The Royal Academy of Arts has a unique position as an independent institution which gets it whole funding through privately funded institutions led by some eminent artists.

Slade School of Art

Felix Slade was the founder of this art school. It’s a parent institution of Unversity College London. Richard Hamilton has been the student of this institute. Its exact location is Bloomsbury, London (United Kingdom). It’s an art school of UCL (University College London).

University College, London

It’s a public research university that is located in London (United Kingdom). University College London is a constituent college of the federal University. And it’s a third largest university of the United Kingdom. This college was established in 1826. Richard Hamilton completed his primary art study from here.

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