Romero Britto- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation

Romero Britto- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation

Romero Britto: In this article, you would know everything about Romero Britto- From his childhood to death. Romero Britto- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation.

Romero Britto- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation


Romero Britto is a Brazilian artist who is also a painter, sculptor, and serigrapher. This pop art artist played a very crucial role in the pop art movement. He was born in Recife (North part of Brazil). The childhood of Romero Britto was very modest. That’s why he had not that much amenities.

He is mainly known for painting and serigraphy. And also due to his innate creativity, we see a very lovely combination of graffiti painting, cubism, and pop art. Romero Britto always uses vibrant colors that are filled by him in bold patterns and between sharp lines.

Generally, Romero Britto paints whatever he sees in the real world, this transparency can be seen in his paintings- Mona Cat, Britto Garden, Martini Sunrise, We Love Rauschenberg, Colorful Underwear, 2010 World Cup South Africa, Dance of Hearts and Night Out, etc.

Romero Britto has eight siblings, and this artist has expressed cordial familial relationships in his paintings. His whimsical depiction of mundane objects became the attraction of advertisement industry in the late 90s.

Many cartoon shows feature his painting in their TV Shows. In 1983, Romero Britto saw the artworks of Picasso and Matisse in France. That’s why; we see the effect of these pop art artists on his work.

  • Childhood

Romero Britto was the resident of Recife which is situated at Northside of Brazil. This pop art artist had eight siblings, and his childhood was not that much good, Romero Britto had a very modest life. Initially, he painted whatever he saw around him. The one thing that was special in him in his childhood- His extreme passion towards artistic expression.

  • Adulthood

Romero Britto met with Matisse and Picasso in the year 1983. For the first time, he attained the designation of pop art artist when his artworks (Depictions & Paintings) were featured in the art galleries of France and the United States. From here, his professional life started as a pop art artist.

  • Professional life

Romero Britto had arrived in the United States of America in 1989 where he met with Michel Roux (Founder of Absolute Art Campaign). And they worked together, and he was the part of significant international art and craft fairs. It made him an international pop art artist. The exhibitions of Romero Britto were held worldwide.

Legacy and Community Contribution

He has been a multi-dimensional personality whose contribution is remembered in various fields such as- Environment, AIDS- awareness program, American red cross society, etc.

  1. Environment-

Through his art, Romero Britto spread awareness against environmental degradation, and he has made a significant contribution to the betterment of Brazilian Rainforest. Romero Britto is a nature lover, that’s why we see many paintings wherein he has depicted beautiful relation between nature and human.

Romero Britto, in his whole life, has tried hard to preserve the Brazilian forest through his art. To depict the beauty of this forest, he used to go to this forest on his weekend. In many paintings, this artist has used vibrant color and strong pattern to depict the beauty of nature.

  1. AIDS- awareness program-

As Keith Haring had worked for the awareness against this societal menace, Romero Britto also did a commendable job for the same. With the help of foundation and art galleries, Romero Britto made many paintings wherein he requested people to have a healthy life.

  1. American Red Cross society-

Romero Britto has dedicated his life and devoted his precious time for the betterment of society. That’s why many international organizations such as the American Red Cross Society, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and other therapeutic institutions feature his paintings.

Works on display

Romero Britto is known for painting, serigraphy. But you may see his many artworks in the form of sculptures. This artist has worked in various fields such as pop art, graffiti, and cubism. That’s why in Europe, Asia and the United States- You may see his artwork at their primary displays.

Art is too important not to share” is the motto of Romero Britto that can be seen in approximately all artworks.

List of works- On Display:

  • Tomorrow:

Monumental Sculpture for Sebastian Ferraro Atrium

  • Welcome:

Monumental Sculpture for Dadeland North Station

  • Star Art:

Star Art Foundation

  • Mural:

Miami Children’s Museum

  • Paradise:

City of Miami Beach

  • Confetti:

Mayfair Galleria Mall, Miami

  • In the Air:

US AIR Frequent Flyer’s Club

  • Bean Man:

Governor’s Mansion, Tallahassee

  • California Gold:

California Winery Associates California

  • The Nurse:

American Red Cross Headquarters, Washington

  • The Ultimate Kid:

Strong Memorial Hospital, New York City

  • Michel Roux:

Carillon Importers Headquarters, Teaneck

  • Growing as a Child:

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children

  • One People- One Planet:

The Tae Jon International Exposition

  • Absolut Britto II:

ABSOLUT Vodka Headquarters

  • Dance of Hearts:

Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

These all artworks (Statues) have been installed nearby private hospitals (American Red Cross society), large cities (Gainesville), Art galleries and museums. They all together contribute an extensive collection of artworks done by other pop art artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, David Hockney, etc.

Honors and awards

Romero Britto has been awarded on many occasions such as Montreux Jazz Festival, Global Summit of Women, Project Medishare, Kindred Spirits Help Kids, etc. Romero Britto has achieved these all awards for the societal contribution such as- Children healthcare facility, AIDS awareness program, Awareness for the preservation of Brazilian forest, etc.

He has expressed his effort through artistic work (Paintings, Depictions and Drawings etc.).  If you want to see these awards, then you may directly visit his official website-

This pop art artist has been honored as the theme of Renascer de Jacarepagua (Samba School) in its Carnival parade. There is a special thing about Romero Britto. He always attends his award ceremony and pays attention to it equally as others.

List of Honors & Awards:

  • Marina’s Garden– created cultural and education project
  • Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship– Allure of the Seas
  • CNN Icons– Features Romero Britto
  • FIFA– Britto hosts a painting workshop
  • Kindred Spirits Help Kids– Jeff Koons & Romero Britto collaborated to help children in need
  • Project Medishare– Relief program
  • Montreux Jazz Festival– featured Artist of the Year
  • Romero Britto was honored as the theme– Carnival parade
  • Global Summit of Women– Collaboration with European luxury brand MCM
  • Bentley Motors– commissioned Romero Britto

Political views

Romero Britto is conservative in thinking- A person who is reluctant to accept changes and new ideas. Because in many speeches of this artist, he has expressed his political and social views in favor of conservative parties. This artist has worked as a fundraiser for Republican presidential candidate.

During the election, there was political bias towards Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush (American politician- 43rd Governor of Florida). In his Miami studio, Romero Britto unveiled a mural in 2015 wherein he had written a slogan “AllInForJeb.”

The wife of Jeb Bush and Romero Britto had painted this painting. This artist had arranged many fund programs at his gallery. Not only for Jeb Bush, but he also tried to raise fund for another Republican presidential candidate such as Mitt Romney (American politician & Businessman).

  • Designation: Fundraiser
  • Political preference: Towards conservative parties
  • Famous slogan: “#AllInForJeb”
  • Place of work: His art Gallery
  • The medium of Expression: Political paintings
  • Follower: Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush.

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