Roy Lichtenstein Foundation: Frequently asked questions, Present status

Roy Lichtenstein Foundation: Frequently asked questions, Present status

Roy Lichtenstein: In this article, you would know everything about Roy LichtensteinFrom his childhood to death– Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation.

Roy Lichtenstein Foundation

Roy Lichtenstein Foundation

To protect the work of Roy Lichtenstein from the risk of protracted lawsuits. In 1999, the “Roy Lichtenstein Foundation” was established.

Because at that time copious fake paintings and depictions of this artist were in the market.

Therefore to check the authenticity of those artworks, this foundation (Roy Lichtenstein Foundation) had come into existence. The members of the Foundation decided to keep the real work far from commercial painting to curb the menace of protracted lawsuits.

There are so many paintings of Roy Lichtenstein that are missing now. In the year 2006, this foundation had sent out a picture of Electric Cord that was made in 1961, to the Daniel Goldreyer.

Through this painting (card), the member of the foundation had urged that if you get whereabouts of these paintings then report to this association.

This foundation identified many missing paintings. After authentication of this painting (Electric Cord), that was missing since 1970. They preserved it in Leo Castelli Gallery.

Along with the paintings of Roy Lichtenstein, you may also see the collection of photographic material that was shot by Harry Shunk.

This association still claims the copyright claim of the work of this artist and all concerned material such as Photographs of Harry Shunk.

Authentication issues of Roy Lichtenstein paintings

There are many paintings and murals, but there is no catalogue raisonne. That’s why “Roy Lichtenstein Foundation” had decided that it would scale each painting of Roy Lichtenstein on the scale of authenticity-

Therefore in the year 1999, the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation was established to check the authenticity of paintings/depictions/murals of Roy Lichtenstein.

Because there is copious information about Roy Lichtenstein – About his personal life, sexuality, murals, paintings, collections etc., but lots of them are not authentic, and these are imitations of Roy Lichtenstein’s original artworks.

Work of Roy Lichtenstein Foundation:-

Electric Cord (1961)- This painting had been missing since 1970. That’s why Roy Lichtenstein Foundation had started the search operation.

It gave an advertisement in media- Whoever provides the information about this painting that would be awarded. After cumbersome seach.

This foundation authenticated the real piece of Roy Lichtenstein’s painting Electric Cord (1961).

Photographs of Harry Shunk- The Lichtenstein Foundation acquired all photographs of Harry Shunk. Because these photographs were related to Roy Lichtenstein life.

And this institution donated these photographs to five institutions-

  • The National Gallery of Art of Washington.
  • The Tate of London.
  • Getty Research Institute of Los Angeles.
  • The Centre Pompidou of Paris.
  • The Museum of Modern Art of New York.

Art market

Many art galleries feature the work of Roy Lichtenstein in their main display. Leo Castelli Art Gallery, New York Art Gallery and Sonnabend Gallery are few among them.

These play a significant role in the selling/bidding of paintings and depictions made by Roy Lichtenstein.

But these associations only feature these paintings, and if you want to bid on these paintings, then there are the sufficient number of galleries which serve this purpose such as- Holly Solomon, Carlebach, Rosa Esman, Ferus Gallery, Gagosian Gallery, John Heller, Mitchell-Innes & Nash, Pace Gallery etc.

These places are counted in the best Art market for Roy Lichtenstein’ artworks. But Leo Castelli Gallery is the only so-called organisation which represents (features, exhibits) the paintings of this artist since 1962.

Leo Castelli Gallery (Showcases contemporary art) has been exhibiting artwork since 1962.

Gagosian Gallery (contemporary art gallery represented by Larry Gagosian) has been exhibiting artwork by Roy Lichtenstein since 1996.

Paintings name with Explanation:-

Big Painting No. 6- His painting- “Big Painting No. 6” (235 cm × 330 cm) was the highest priced painting of 1970. It was made in 1965. It’s an oil and Magna painting that was made on canvas.

Torpedo … Los!- The cost of this painting was $5.5 million in 1989. This was sold in the British auction house (Christie). It was the record at that time. It made him(Roy Lichtenstein) only one living artist (Among 3) who attracted this huge sums.

Ohhh … Alright…- Roy Lichtenstein had made this painting in 1964, and Steve Martin had purchased this painting, but Christie(British auction house) featured this painting in its exhibition.

And this painting broke all record of sale- In 2010, its cost was US$42.6m (£26.7m).

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