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Roy Lichtenstein: In this article, you would know everything about Roy Lichtenstein– From his childhood to death– Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation.


National Gallery of Art (Washington, D.C) is the largest repository of the artworks of Roy Lichtenstein. This museum is open to the public visit, and there is no charge to see the paintings, depictions, artworks of this artist.

In 1996, this artist had donated his two books and 154 prints to the National Gallery of Art. Therefore you may see his authentic paintings here.

Along with this museum, The Art Institute of Chicago is also a museum wherein you may see his original collection including Mirror No. 3(Six Panels) and Brushstroke with Spatter.

If we sum up the total number of collections, done by Roy Lichtenstein Foundation and his widow Dorothy, then this figure goes to hundreds.

Apart from it, The Museum Ludwig (Europe) has one of the most precious and comprehensive paintings of Roy Lichtenstein.

Till 300 paintings have been identified that were made by this artist and these all are present in the “National Gallery of Australia (Kenneth Tyler Collection).


Roy Lichtenstein had received many various Honorary Doctorate degrees in various fields of art. Because this artist not only gave the contribution to the pop art movement (Painting, Depiction etc.), but he was also active in many programs such as charity shows, exhibitions, public art etc.

That’s why he had the recognition of many organisations, associations and concerned bodies to the pop art movement.

Following are the official bodies which still organise exhibition and auction ceremony for the paintings of Roy Lichtenstein and had given recognition to Roy Lichtenstein.

American Academy of Arts and Letters- It’s a 250 member honour society, it encourages artists for artwork. The Goal of this institution is to assist and foster excellence in American literature.

American Academy in Rome- It is located in Rome, and it’s a research and art institution. This academy is the member of the “Council of American Overseas Research Centers.

Brandeis University- This is an American research university. It was founded in 1948 as a co-educational institution. The Jewish Community sponsors it.

Honorary Doctorate degrees of Roy Lichtenstein:

Bard College, Royal College of Art (1993) – This is a Private liberal arts college of New York City. It is situated nearby Hudson River.

Southampton College (1980)- This college is located between Shinnecock Hills Golf Club and Shinnecock Indian Reservation.

The California Institute of the Arts (1977)- It’s a private university of Santa Clarita (California). It was the first institution incorporated in 1961 as the degree-granting institution (in higher learning) in the United States of America.

  • Skowhegan Medal for Painting in 1977
  • American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1979
  • American Academy in Rome in 1989
  • Creative Arts Award in Painting in 1991
  • Amici de Barcelona in 1993
  • Kyoto Prize in 1995
  • National Medal of the Arts in 1995


He is known for his active role in the Pop art movement. His first wife Isabel Wilson divorced Roy Lichtenstein (they had two children) and then this artist married with Dorothy Herzka.

Meanwhile, he faced many difficulties in his personal and professional life.

Roy Lichtenstein then went to Ohio State University to get the classes of fine arts. This University used to offer studio courses. But at the time World War 2, he faced hardship in professional/student career, 3-year stint in the National Army interrupted his study.

This period (1943-1946) was miserable for him. Because he had to cancel all his training programme such as Engineering, Pilot training, Language learning etc.

At that time, Roy Lichtenstein had served as a draftsman and artist.

He was not from well to do family. That’s why he used to bear all the expenses of the family.

During this political upheaval, he returned home to meet his dying father Milton. This became only possible due to GI bill(Designed by American Legion for the amenities of World War 2 veterans).

Hoyt L. Sherman had guided Roy Lichtenstein during this time, he gave emotional support to Roy Lichtenstein and also encouraged him to join the university.

Hoyt L. Sherman was a professor and American artist and his influence we see in the artwork of Roy Lichtenstein. This artist was the student of Hoyt L. Sherman in 1940.

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