Yayoi Kusama Biography: 9 facts, 3 interesting stories and Biography with funny images

Yayoi Kusama Biography: 9 facts, 3 interesting stories and Biography with funny images

Yayoi Kusama: In this article, you would know everything about Yayoi Kusama- From his childhood to death. Yayoi Kusama- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation.

Yayoi Kusama Biography


She is known for her diverse approach towards the art world. Yayoi Kusama is a pop art artist who is known for painting, sculpture, performance art, fictional film and writing.

She was the only artist who got the designation of an honorable artist, the work of Yayoi Kusama is based in conceptual art.

Because she was also a firm societal campaigner, who used to participate in societal movements through her art such as minimalism, feminist art, and environmental art, etc.

The official website of Yayoi Kusama is www.yayoi-kusama.jp. You will get the collection of all artworks of this artist. She was the student of  Kyoto School of Arts & Crafts.

Along with pop art paintings, she is also a master in “Nihonga.” Nihonga is Japanese painting that came into existence in 1900. It is the extended form of traditional Japanese painting.

Yayoi Kusama is not the only expert in these two fields, but she is also a master in Abstract impressionism (A type of abstract painting).

Yayoi kusama is a Japanese contemporary artist who expressed her artistic expression through her unique style. This pop art artist was born into an affluent family of business elite who had a seed farm and plant nursery.

Despite having this wealth and amenities, her childhood was not so much good.

The mother of this artist was physically abusive. And the demeanor of her father was not so much good. That’s why Yayoi Kusama had said in her magazine interview– I hate sexual attachment and familial relationship.

But in her artistic expression, you would see the explicit depiction of those things which she hated most. This Japanese artist played a very crucial role in the renaissance of “The Independent Group.”

Since the 1970s- Yayoi Kusama has continued to create paintings for museum installations, most notable installations in American Japanese and Chinese museums.

Early life: 1929–1949

Yayoi Kusama spent her adolescence in closed darkness. She was from well to do family, who had a seed farm and plant nursery in Japan. Despite having this much amenities and wealth, her childhood was not convivial. The mother of this artist was physically abusive.

Her mother used to scold and beat her in front of her friends.

Yayoi Kusama tells about her father that he was not a good person. Her father indulged in extramarital affairs. The mother of this artist used to send her to spy on her father.

That’s why she has said in her many TV, Magazines interview-  I didn’t want to have familial and physical intercourse with anyone for years.

  • Information of Yayoi Kusama (A pop art artist) in short:
  • Family Background: Affluent family
  • Business: Seed farm & Plant Nursery
  • Hobby in childhood: Writing poems
  • Problems: Extramarital affairs of Father & Abusive demeanor of Mother
  • Dislike: Obsession with Physical intercourse (Negative)

Famous story of Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama is a successful commercial illustrator and pop art artist who devoted her life to the artistic world. When the age of this artist was ten years, Yayoi Kusama began to explore vivid hallucinations about which she had told in one Japanese TV interview.

It was nothing else but merely a dream- she says that this dream changed her artistic approach. Yayoi Kusama described it as “flashes of light, auras, or dense fields of dots.” It is the elaboration of her dream.

She portrayed this dream (Hallucination) through her art- she organized an exhibition wherein naked participants had covered their body with polka dots (Array of large filled circles).

For the first time, Yayoi Kusame came to public attention due to this unique artistic expression.

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