Top 40 Pop art artist | Artwork / paintings, Biographies-Easy explanation

Top 40 Pop art artist | Artwork / paintings, Biographies-Easy explanation

Intoduction: Top 40 pop art artists

In this article, you would know about 40 top American pop art artists who were very famous American artists, wherein the contribution of Andy Warhol artwork and other pop art artists artworks is very significant.

These American artists along with other artists are significant in the history of pop art.


Andy Warhol

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (director and producer).

Famous work– The visual art movement 

He was famous for–  Commercial illustration

Honors– 18-cent stamp (U.S. Postal Service)

Birthplace, Date– Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Andy Warhol

Famous Paintings

  • Campbell’s Soup I (1968)
  • Portrait of Dr. Luigi Accame


Andy Warhol was a controversial and influential American Pop art artist who worked for many magazines and art galleries, he was a commercial illustrator and made many paintings.

Some of them are Campbell’s Soup Cans and Marilyn Diptych.

Apart from the Pop art movement, his work can be seen in other fields also such as the strife for the gay and lesbian community because he was also a gay who dedicated his last years of life to Gay liberation movement.

He founded “Interview magazine,” wrote many books from which two became most famous- Popism and The Philosophy of Andy Warhol. His studio of New York(The Factory) was the favorite place for everyone who was concerned with the pop art like as drag queens, Hollywood celebrities,

Distinguished intellectuals, and wealthy patrons. 

Therefore along with the name of Andy Warhol, we see people from different fields. Andy Warhol died due to cardiac arrhythmia at the age of 58.  Due to the failure of his gallbladder surgery. In honor of him, you can see 18 cent stamp in the U.S postal service.


Roy Lichtenstein

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (Painter).

Famous work– Pop art through parody

He was famous for–  Masterpiece Painting(Most expensive)

Honours– Honorary Members of the Royal Academy.

Birthplace, Date–  New York City, New York, United States.

Roy Lichtenstein

Famous Paintings

  • Drowning Girl (1963)
  • Lichtenstein’s Bedroom at Arles(1992)


Along with James Rosenquist and Andy Warhol, his contribution is also remembered for the Pop art movement, because his style was little bit different such as he used to imitate other artists’ work in a very ridicule manner. 

His parody style was very famous at that time that’s why his Paintings are exhibited in many art galleries of New York City. He drew many paintings like Drowning Girl and Whaam!.

You may purchase his paintings of this pop art artist from Leo Castelli Gallary(New York City). Masterpiece is his most expensive painting which was sold in 2017. 

And this was the most expensive painting of that time ($165). By the way, pop art is the symbol of capitalism, and in the same way, it was promoted by Roy Lichtenstein.  

He portrayed pop art as industrial paintings instead of American painting. Precise composition and Parody style were his identities, 

Roy Lichtenstein initially worked for comics and advertising agencies, but soon he became very famous among pop artists. Paintings that you see in various old products of America and Great Britain. Often you may get the precedent of his style.


Keith Haring

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (So called Dr. and street Painter).

Famous work– Iconography on AIDS &  Homosexuality.

He was famous for– Keith Haring Foundation

Honours– Honored by Google Doodle (54th Birthday).

Birthplace, Date– Pennsylvania.

Keith Haring

Famous Paintings

  • The Boxers (1987)
  • Murals in Amsterdam, 1986


This pop art artist tried to address the problem of AIDS & homosexuality through his pop art and in his later famous arts, you may see the clear depiction of societal and political themes, paintings like as “The Boxers” and “Mural” in Amsterdam, these can be seen easily.

He was famous for the Keith Haring Foundation, and Google also honored him on his 54th birthday.

Initially, he painted whimsically but later he devoted his life for social and political awareness, and it can be seen in his work- Iconography on AIDS and homosexuality. 

Still, his personality is seen as a so-called Dr and street painter. Graffitis in New York City street and colorful murals in Amsterdam, these are the most famous work of Keith Haring. 

His work got continuous popularity after his parody style paintings in New York City subways- Advertising space backgrounds outlined by chalk, 

Paintings of funny radiant babies, deified dogs, and flying saucers. And you may see his art style in Amsterdam gallery.


David Hockney

Nationality– (British).

Designation– (Stage designer, painter and draftsman).

Famous work– Created the series of lithographs.

He was famous for– photography

Honors– Lorenzo de’ Medici Lifetime Career Award

Birthplace, Date– Bradford, England

Famous Paintings

  • We Two Boys Together Clinging(1961)
  • A Bigger Grand Canyon, 1998


Very famous paintings of David Hockney- “A Bigger Grand Canyon of 1998”. This painting you may see in the notebooks of many colleges of Britain, his birthplace is Bradford, England. 

This English painter is remembered for his contribution to the pop art movement. By the way, he played a very crucial role in many fields because he worked as a photographer, printmaker, draftsman and stage designer. 

He created the series of lithographs and this pop art artist was famous for photography. Thats why he was honoured by Lorenzo de’ Medici Lifetime Career Award. 

In 1972, his very famous painting “Portrait of an Artist” was sold for $90 million in New York. Later he owned a studio in Bridlington and home nearby it, this famous British artist is considered very influential artist of Britain. 

He was famous for photography and he created the series of lithographs, you may see his two very famous paintings “We Two Boys Together Clinging(1961)” and “A Bigger Grand Canyon, 1998” in Christie’s auction house.


Richard Hamilton

Nationality– (British).

Designation– (Collage artist & English painte).

Famous work– Pop Art movement.

He was famous for– Represented Great Britain.

Honors– Order of the Companions of Honour (Member).

Birthplace, Date– Pimlico, London, England

Richard Hamilton​

Famous Paintings

  • Hamilton’s cover art for The Beatles(1968)
  • Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?


He represented Great Britain in the pop art movement and honoured by” Order of the Companions” as a member. He was a collage artist and English painter who worked for pop art movement, this British pop artist made many paintings, but few became so famous like “Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?” and “Hamilton’s cover art for The Beatles(1968)”. 

He born in Pimlico and worked for pop art as a collage artist. His exhibition of 1955 “Man, Machine and Motion” prepared the initial phase of growth of pop art in Great Britain.

The Independent Group of 1955 was represented by Richard William Hamilton, and he also gave a directional lecture in the meeting of “The Independent Group”. But his aspect faced negative feedback and critique of historians.

His painting “Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?”, this pop art artist shows the depiction of mundane objects and sexual content with the capitalistic touch. 

This painting got an appreciation of many advertisement agencies and became the icon of American life.


Romero Britto

Nationality– (Brazilian).

Designation– (Sculptor & painter).

Famous work– Star Art Foundation

He was famous for– Used bold patterns and vibrant colours

Honors– At Renascer de Jacarepaguá samba school as a theme.

Birthplace, Date– Recife, Brazil

Romero Britto

Famous Paintings

  • The Britto Bentley
  • Football for Hope


Romero Britto was a very dynamic pop art artist who uniquely represented pop art movement and represented it through graffiti paintings and serigraphy, and due to his different style we see new touch in his art like in his famous work “The Britto Bentley” and “Football for Hope”. 

This Brazilian pop artist not only contributed to the pop art movement through paintings but he also used his knowledge of serigraphy and sculpting.

This pop art artist used to use very bold, bright and vibrant colours in his paintings that were nothing but the explicit depiction of a motivational picture. His visual expression of happiness and hope is fantastic that is still remembered. 

Indeed he was famous for using bold patterns with vibrant colours that’s why he was portrayed at Renascer de Jacarepagua samba school as a theme. His work can be seen in the Star Art Foundation.


Robert Rauschenberg

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (Graphic artist & painter).

Famous work– Promoted Neo-Dadaist movement.

He was famous for– Canyon, Monogram 

Honors–  Leonardo da Vinci World Award

Birthplace, Date– Port Arthur, Texas

Famous Paintings

  • Robert Rauschenberg, Riding Bikes (1998)
  • Rauschenberg Rhyme, 1956


Robert is known for his “combines”, you may deem it contradictory that how a person can use art to depict the pictures of Canyon and monogram uniquely, but he did. 

He was not only a pop artist but also a graphic artist. In his art, he used mundane objects and non-traditional materials in a very innovative manner. His two very famous paintings “Rauschenberg Rhyme of 1956” and “Robert Rauschenberg, Riding Bikes of 1998 are the excellent precedent of his art style. 

He not only contributed to the pop art movement but also played a very crucial role in the promotion of the Neo-Dadaist movement.

This pop art artist was awarded “Leonardo da Vinci World Award” and “National Medal of Arts”, his promotion of Neo-Dadaist movement is counted in significant works of his life that played as a bridge between Dadaism and pop art. Rauschenberg was both sculptor and painter, 

But he also worked as printmaker, graphic artist, photographer etc. Indeed his contribution is very commendable, but he never worked for pop art movement directly, 

Because his early work is anticipated for Dadaism. His paintings are still counted in the most expensive pictures of America.


Jasper Johns

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (sculptor, painter).

Famous work– Numbers, Maps, Stenciled Words, Flags.

He was famous for– Abstract expressionism, Pop art.

Honors– Grand Prize (1988)

Birthplace, Date– Augusta, Georgia, U.S.

Famous Paintings

  • Painting Flag (1954–55)
  • Fragment of a Letter (2009)


Jasper Johns had designed the American flag and also worked for the other U.S related topics thats why he was most paid artist of 19s, this famous American artist was honored in 1998 with Grand Prize.

Along with many paintings like as “Painting Flag” in 1954 and “Fragment of a letter” in 2009, Jasper Johns contribution is very hefty to Abstract expressionism also. He was both sculptor and painter. 

Along with stenciled words and drawing of the American flag, this pop art artist also drew numbers in various fonts. Numbers that you see in MS word’s font options, often you may get his painted numbers in multiple styles. 

In his golden days, people used to call him “foremost living artist.” First of all The New York Times had written this word for his honour. From 1954 to till death, he received many awards and honours- Grand Prize (1988), National Medal of Arts(1990), 

Presidential Medal of Freedom(2011) and the title of “Foremost living artist” by The New York Times.


Claes Oldenburg

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (Sculptor).

Famous work– Giant Balls (1977)

He was famous for– Bottle O’ Notes’ sculpture

Honors– Rolf Schock Prizes (1995)

Birthplace, Date– Stockholm, Sweden.

Famous Paintings

  • Dropped Cone (2001)
  • Pencil signature of Claes Oldenburg from 1991.


Claes Oldenburg was not an artist of pop art, but he was a sculptor who made and designed many structures that were actually the real depiction of pop art in the real world. 

His married life was so stable, Coosje van Bruggen was his wife who worked with Claes Oldenburg in his work

By the way, this pop art artist was known for his large replicas which he used to feature them at the public gathering. His two huge and famous replicas are “Dropped Cone” which was made in 2001 and “Pencil signature of Claes Oldenburg” in 1991. 

He was famous for Bottle O’ Notes’ sculpture. Actually, his birthplace was Sweden, but he had the nationality of America. In 1995, he received Rolf Schock Prizes and became very famous for building large replicas, but it is not that he only used to make large statues. 

His soft sculpture versions(paintings) of mundane objects is also appreciable, especially the work that he did with the collaboration of his wife, Ms. coosje Van Bruggen. But in 2009, his wife died.


Yayoi Kusama

Nationality– (Japanese).

Designation– (Fashion designer and Painter).

Famous work–  Sexual and psychological content.

He was famous for– Painting of sexual content.

Honors– Praemium Imperiale.

Birthplace, Date–  Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan

Yayoi Kusama

Famous Paintings

  • Japanese painting style called nihonga.

  • Narcissus Garden (2009)


Yayoi Kusama is entitled with a most influential and controversial artist of Japan whose style is unique because her art style was unique in comparison with other artists, to get public attention she organized many series in which her naked participants painted with bright colored polka dots became so famous.

She was an artist who tried to imbibe the theory of surrealism, feminism, and minimalism according to her way.

If you notice her art style, then you get the infusion of pop art, Art Brut and abstract expressionism, because she used bright and vibrant colours to Psychological and autobiographical drawings with sexual content. 

This pop art artist was master in traditional Japanese painting “Nihonga,” and on another side, she was also the part New York avant-garde scene, 

That’s why we see the amalgamation of Nihonga and Abstract Impressionism. Her work of Narcissus Garden in 2009 is very nice because along with painting she always remain involved in Fashion designing and she was famous for sexual and psychological content.


Takashi Murakami

Nationality– (Japanese).

Designation– (Japanese artist).

Famous work– Contemporary art

He was famous for–  Founded postmodern art movement

Honors– Books- Geijutsu Kigyoron, Geijutsu Tosoron.

Birthplace, Date– Tokyo, Japan

Takashi Murakami

Famous Paintings

  • Cosmos Ball (2000)
  • Wall painting (100 meters)


This famous pop art artist is the founder of kaikai kiki Co. Ltd., and along with this cooperation he also founded and organized Biannual art fair Geisai. 

He is famous for his aesthetic style of painting wherein he blurred the line between high and low arts. His approach towards the pop art movement remained multi-pronged because he was expert in all strata such as in commercial media (animation, merchandise, fashion) and fine arts media(Painting and sculpture).

Mr. Takashi Murakami was famous for postmodern art movement in which he used his talent differently- He bridged the gap between Japanese pop art artists and American pop art artists by his artistic style.

 Cosmos Ball of 2000 and many other wall paintings are famous work, and apart from it, he wrote two books Geijutsu Tosoron and Geijutsu Kigyoron. 

And in his books, Takashi Murakami mentioned how an art style could be connected with other mundane activities also. 

First of all, he coined the word “super flat” that describes the relation between the aesthetic characteristics of Japanese art(Traditional and non-traditional).


Peter Blake

Nationality– (British).

Designation– (Pop artist).

Famous work– Painting- (Do They Know It’s Christmas?)

He was famous for– Self-Portrait with Badges, 1961

Honors–  Royal Academician, Commander of the Order of the British Empire

Birthplace, Date– Dartford, Kent, England

Famous Paintings

  • The First Real Target, 1961
  • On the Balcony, 1955–57


Mr. Peter Blake was famous for Self Portrait with Badges, and Royal Academician awarded him- He was also called “commander of British Empire.” 

He made two paintings that became so famous wherein one was “The First Real Target” of 1961 and “On the Balcony of 1955. These both paintings became so famous after “The Independent Group” recognization. 

He was a very famous personality when he had led the pop art movement with Neo-Dada movement. Due to his unique style(Combination of different art styles), very soon he became a prominent figure.

His birthplace was Dartford (England), and his nationality was British. At Christmas, 

This pop art artist had made a painting that went viral during that period, and the name of this painting was- Do They Know It’s Christmas?. He had an important role in the pop art movement after the emergence of the Independent Group. 

In 2012, he had made Brit Award Statue on the request of an association. Often he used to make commercial designs such as his creation of sleeve design was very nice that was made for The Beatles album.


James Rosenquist

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (Printmaker and Painter).

Famous work– Appointment in National Council of the Arts.

He was famous for– As a protagonist in this movement.

Honors– Golden Plate Award.

Birthplace, Date– North Dakota, U.S.

Famous Paintings

  •  F-111
  • The Swimmer (1997–1998)


Pop art was considered the art of whimsical personalities because they used to design mundane objects on paper arbitrarily, and James Rosenquist was one of them who played a vital role as protagonist in the growth of pop art. 

Later he was appointed in National Council of the Arts at high designation. After this designation, he became so famous in the American advertisement industry. 

His depiction of the commercial product was so different in comparison with Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein because he used the techniques of surrealism and Dadaism in the advancement of pop art.

His complete focus was on the advertisement industry. 

That’s why this pop art artist was also called the statesman of this industry, he worked in National Council of Arts as printmaker and painter both, but his main contribution is remembered as a leader who led the pop art movement in the dark phase when the members of The Independent Group lost hope after critiques from other art’s artists. 

His two work became so famous, one was the depiction of “F-111,” and another was “The Swimmer” of 1997.


Robert Indiana

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (Theatrical set designer).

Famous work– Christmas card in 1965

He was famous for– His Print (LOVE stamp).

Honors– Andy Warhol’s contribution in his work

Birthplace, Date– New Castle, Indiana, U.S.

Famous Paintings

  • 1973 LOVE stamp
  • Various series of Peace Paintings


1973, Love Stamp was his art wherein he had depicted the picture word, Love with the combination of pop art, we see similarities of works with Andy Warhol, If we see the designation of Robert Indiana, 

we get that this pop art artist was theatrical set designer by profession and from starting phase of his career he remained associated with pop art movement. 

He was a peace-loving artist which seems from his paintings also such as after much successful work with the collaboration of Andy Warhol, and he started series of peace paintings- Christmas card that was made by Robert Indiana in 1965, Love Stamp of 1973, etc.

Till 1973, his design of “LOVE” Stamp had come in big demand in the United States Postal Service. 

After this achievement, he was in high demand among the advertisement industries, and he created designs for Corten Steel and silkscreen. 

This Love Sculptor which was 12 feet tall, sold at $4.1 million in 2011. If you want to see the collection of his work, then you should go to the Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc.


Wayne Thiebaud

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (Printmaker, Painter).

Famous work– Around the Cake (1962 ), Lemon Cake(1964 )

He was famous for– Depiction of commonplace objects.

Honors– National Medal of Arts (1994)

Birthplace, Date– Mesa, Arizona

Famous Paintings

  • Sunset Streets (1985) 
  • Flatland River (1997)


Indeed, in the work of pop art, artists use mundane objects as their imagined picture, but they scarcely use those ordinary objects in their painting openly. 

But Mr. Wayne Thiebaud always used common objects like as lipsticks, pastries, eatable things like ice cream cones, hot dogs, pies, etc in his paintings and sculpture art. 

Wayne Thiebaud was an American painter who also worked as a printmaker, due to this combination he used to use artificial colors, dense and vibrant pigment to draw his paintings and big structure of commonplace things such as lopsided ice cream cone, etc.

This pop art artist was famous for uniquely depicting common objects, that’s why in 1994, he was awarded National Medal of Arts because his paintings and other artistic work were in high demand.

Because in his art, product’s owners could easily see the attraction for products that could easily tempt the purchaser. 

Therefore Mr. Wayne Thiebaud soon became very famous in the advertisement industry, his clear depiction of product and portraying it funnily, was his rapport. “Around the Cake” of 1962 and “Lemon Cake” of 1964 are his famous work.


Jim Dine

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (Pop artist).

Famous work–  Painting of Common Objects.

He was famous for– Big contribution in American Pop art.

Honors–  Richard Gray Gallery (It represents).

Birthplace, Date– Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.

Famous Paintings

  • Job #1 (1962)
  • Jim Dine: Drawings 1973 – 1987


Jim Dine was an American pop artist, but many artists believe that he was also the part of Neo-Dada movement, because the paintings that he drew in 1962 and 1973, these explicitly show the relation between American pop art and Neo-Dada movement. 

After graduation from Walnut Hills High School, he went to the University of Ohio, from childhood he wanted to became an artist that’s why in very early age he started taking a class at The Art Academy, this academy was situated in Cincinnati. 

Thus he continued his study and passion together. Richard Gray Gallary is one of the famous galleries of the world which represents the paintings/works of Jim Dine.

In 1962, this pop art artist started a series of paintings wherein “Job #1” became so famous, after this success one more painting became so famous- “Jim Dine: Drawings of 1973. After the emergence of “The Independent Group,” he also became the member of this group, 

After his second famous painting, he is remembered for the significant contribution in American Pop art. Due to his performance, Jim Dine was given BFA from the University of Ohio.


Eduardo Paolozzi

Nationality– (Scottish).

Designation– (Sculptor).

Famous work– Painted (I was a Rich Man’s Plaything) (1947)

He was famous for– He is counted as one of the pioneers of pop art.

Honors– Honorary Doctorate( Heriot-Watt University).

Birthplace, Date– Edinburgh, Scotland

Famous Paintings

  •  I was a Rich Man’s Plaything (1947)
  • Tottenham Court Road Station


Eduardo Paolozzi was such a pop art artist who faced internment by foe alliance during World War. He was Scottish pop artist who met many difficulties in his childhood, 

After world war when Italy detained his whole family due to security purpose, but in an unfortunate accident, Mr. Eduardo Paolozzi lost his family when German boat attacked on them while going to Canada. 

He was the eldest son of his family, that’s why he became responsible for his other left siblings/cousins. But despite having these difficulties, 

He is counted as the pioneer of Pop art. His painting of 1947, “I was a Rich Man’s Plaything became so famous.

In the whole journey of his life, he devoted his life to the advancement of pop art by his art style. Along with above-written painting, his one more picture became so famous that was Tottenham Court Raod station that attracted the attention of many companies’ owners. 

Heriot-Watt University honored him directorate degree. His life remains filled with many ups and downs. During his initial phase he met with Alberto Giacometti and Jean Arp who joined him in his work.

Really this period was most essential for him to which influenced him completely


Hariton Pushwagner

Nationality– (Norwegian).

Designation– (Pop artist).

Famous work– Painted storage building in Oslo, 

He was famous for– As a spiritual student

Honors– Norway is decorated in the honour of Hariton Pushwagner.

Birthplace, Date– Oslo, Norway

Famous Paintings

  • Storage building in Oslo
  • Painting in Norwegian streets


Hariton Pushwagner was Norwegian artist, and he was famous for the spiritual approach in pop art, his real name was Terje Brofos, but later due to his multi-pronged work in this field, 

He was known by Hariton Pushwagner. Many people believe that this name was given to him due to his stage performance. His father used to drink alcohol, and his mother was a biochemist. 

Thus his childhood was not so good and also in 1944, he met an accident wherein he received severe injury. Apart from pop art, he was also a very well known architect who painted and designed storage building of Oslo.

In honor of Hariton Pushwagner, the streets of Norway have been decorated. He was born in 1940, during a soft war wherein his neighborhood was destroyed by a bomb attack. 

There is not a single painting which has become so famous in the name of solo painting. Because, as a pop art artist he always used his art in the paintings of buildings. 

Two of his great works are- Painting of “Storage building of Oslo” and “Painting in Norwegian streets.” The precedent of his art style can be seen in the aisles of Norway, Oslo.


Peter Max

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (Pop art, Painter).

Famous work–  In the exhibition(The World of Peter Max), the product and posters of Max’s were featured.

Honors– Still the U.S uses his postage stamp

Birthplace, Date– America

Famous Paintings

  • U.S. postage stamp
  • Portrait of Taylor Swift


Just as Robert Indiana who used to use bright colors and dark pigment, Peter Max has also used dark pigment and bright colors in his paintings. 

His specialty was to design posters for official events and paintings for advertisement industries. 

He was the part of The Independent Group that gave significant contribution for the advancement of pop art, his portrait of Taylor Swift became so famous, and after this art, he gave so many paintings like- U.S postage stamp, Portrait of Taylor Swift and other depictions of visual art.

He was pop art artist, and along with this profession he also worked as printmaker and collage artist, his official exhibition name is “The World of Peter Max” wherein you may see all paintings of Peter Max. 

He completed his art study from “Art Students League” that is situated in New York. During this phase, Tom Daly became his friend with whom he opened a studio named The Daly & Max Studio, which was joined by the other members of Independent Group. 

Don Rubbo was the mentor of Peter Max who guided and taught him about commercial paintings after it he got the attention of advertisement industry.


George Segal

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (painter and sculptor).

Famous work– The Billboard (1966), The Laundromat (1966–67)

He was famous for– Lifetime Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award

Honors–  Praemium Imperiale (1997)

Birthplace, Date– United States

Famous Paintings

  • Segal’s Street Crossing (1992)
  • The Truck (1966)


His art style is so weird because he never emphasized on the traditional way of painting because he was painter and sculptor both that’s why we see the unique combination in his paintings. 

For example, this pop art artist has used original plaster, bright monochrome colors, bronze statues, and white paint, etc. in his paintings where he wraps white bandage on the bronze statue and uses bright monochrome colors to tone that structure and after completion.

He does not remove that layer. He attains popularity due to this unique style and high demand.
These bronze statues were not used as molds, but these were the final structure. Initially, he kept them white, but on the demand of advertisement industries, he started painting them. 

You may see his art style on Segal Street’s crossing that was made by him in 1992. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award in the field of Contemporary Sculpture art. In 1966, 

He made a beautiful painting “The Truck.” In 1997, he received “Praemium Imperiale” award for his contribution to various fields of pop art.


Tom Wesselmann

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (Painter and Collage artist).

Famous work– The Great American Nude

He was famous for– Sold first cartoon strips to the 1000 Jokes (Magazine).

Honors– Exhibition by MACRO

Birthplace, Date– Cincinnati, Ohio

Famous Paintings

  • The Great American Nude
  • Still Life #20


Painting of Tom Wesselmann “The Great American Nude” remained very controversial wherein he had shown nudity and sexual content. 

This was welcomed by advertisements and comics industry, but many people of feminist perception considered it social taboo. 

The Great American Nude is counted among top famous work of Tom Wesselmann. He was Painted. Printmaker and collage artist who devoted his life for the advancement of pop art. 

He worked with Independent Group and took participation in many events. MACRO is the body which organizes an auction for the paintings of pop art artists. 

In 2004, this body held an auction ceremony in the owner of Tom Wesselmann.

He was a cartoon artist who made his first cartoon’s painting during his posting in U.S army. 

He completed his initial study from Hiram College that was situated in Ohio and then transferred to Unversity of Cincinnati. 

But during this journey, he continued his journey with pop art. After controversial painting, he started one more series of painting- Still Life #20 which also became so famous among cartoon comics.


Edward Ruscha

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (Drawing artist and photographer).

Famous work– Large Trademark with Eight Spotlights (1961)

He was famous for– Pop art movement

Honors– Guggenheim Fellowship (1971)

Birthplace, Date– Nebraska, United States

Famous Paintings

  • Large Trademark with Eight Spotlights (1961)
  • Every Building on the Sunset Strip (1966)


Edward Ruscha was an American artist who is remembered for his significant contribution to the pop art movement, this pop art artist achieved Guggenheim Fellowship honor in 1971 and became one of the very significant artist of Independent Group of America. 

Edward Ruscha was born into Christian(Roman Catholic) family, and there were tow siblings Paul and Shelby. 

In an initial phase of his career, he was a photographer, and after joining to Independent Group, he started painting. Large Trademark with Eight Spotlights of 1961 is his one of the great work of that time. After this successful pop art painting, 

He started the series of commercial paintings such as “Every Building on the Sunset Strip of 1966” and many others.


The work of Edward Ruscha with the collaboration of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and many other artists can be seen in the American art gallery. 

In 1966, he had made beautiful paintings which commercial version had come in 1967, he had painted a building of America and named it “Every Buiding on the Sunset Strip,” with this painting he became popular among American advertisement industry.


Mr. Brainwash

Nationality– (French).

Designation– (Street artist, photographer, and printmaker).

Famous work– Life Remote Control

He was famous for– Street art

Honors–  2012 Olympic Game (He made his second show)

Birthplace, Date– France

Famous Paintings

  • 3-story-tall Mona Lisa (oil painting)
  • Other sculptures


This pop art artist  was famous for Street art and along with street art, his interest was also in photography, printmaking and collage art. 

The original name of Mr. Brainwash(MBW) is Thierry Guetta. His initial phase of career was so difficult, according to film “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” he was a proprietor of a shop where he had also worked as a security guard and later he started his career as a photographer and street artist. 

He was a novice photographer and videographer who first time introduced street art in the aisle of France with his cousin.

He was famous for “Street art,” and in 2012, he had made a wonderful painting “God Save the People.” And in 2008, he started his first solo show- Life Is Beautiful, it was the most circulated show in Los Angeles and other concerned places. 

After this successful journey, he opened “Opera art Gallary of London” in 2011. But due to some misunderstanding, he became the delinquent of Copyright violation. Mr.Glen Friedman sued him, and he alleged that Guetta has used his photo in his work without permission.


Butcher Billy

Nationality– (Brazilian ).

Designation– (Graphic designer).

Famous work– Bowie Project changed by Butcher Billy.

He was famous for– Tales From The Smith Comic Book Series

Honors–  London based artgallary displays his artwork.

Birthplace, Date– Curibita (Brazil)

Famous Paintings

  • The Post-Punk
  • New Wave Super Friends Series


Butcher Billy was a Graphic designer by profession by profession who blurred the line between reality and fiction by his art. 

He was a very dynamic pop art artist who used the dimension of this art in every possible field like in literature, elaboration of history, political satire, music poster, cinematography, etc. 

He was famous for “Tales From The Smith Comic Book Series.” In this series of comics, he was all-rounder- printmaker, collage artist, story writer etc. 

This was not only one series that he started but other series “New Wave Super Friends series” is also his successful work.

He was a Brazilian artist who also worked as a pillar between American pop art and Brazil pop art. That’s why not only in Brazil, he was also famous in America for his creative work- He used to use the combination of Dark pigment and light color in his paintings. 

His work in “The Post Punk” is very nice. And his work in the field of music, art, historical interpretation in a whimsical way is another work.


Alex Katz

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (Sculptor and painter).

Famous work– Paintings (portraiture & landscape)

He was famous for– East Coast Figurative

Honors– Honoured by Chicago Bar Association.

Birthplace, Date–  Brooklyn, New York

Famous Paintings

  • Many large paintings
  • Landscapes of Maine


Alex Katz was famous for East Coast figurative. He was from a Jewish family and his nationality was American. 

As a pop art artist, his contribution is no so significant despite having the member of “The Independent Group,” his contribution is remembered as sculptor instead of a painter. 

He made many paintings and also designed their real structure that’s why he is also known for his big statues. For this significant work “Large paintings” and “Landscape of Maine.” Chicago Bar Association honored him. 

After this award, he achieved prominence of the public in 1980.

His paintings can be divided into similar genres because some paintings are landscape and some are portrait. Along with pop art, he also continued the profession of printmaking. 

In 1965, he produced many lithographs, 400 print editions and worked for Museum of Fine arts. Since 951, his paintings have been sold in 500 groups and 200 solo exhibitions. 

Due to hardships in his childhood, he faced many difficulties, but he continued his work for pop art. If you want to see the precedent of his art, then go to Chicago Bar Association, Colby College,  National Academy of Design of New York.


Yoshitomo Nara

Nationality– (Japanese).

Designation– (sculptor, painter).

Famous work– Sorry, couldn’t draw left eye!(2003),

He was famous for– Exhibition by Museum of Contemporary Art(Los Angeles).

Honors– Award for Artist, Japan(1995)

Birthplace, Date– Aomori Prefecture, Japan

Famous Paintings

  • Sorry, couldn’t draw left eye!(2003),
  • Straight Jacket (2000)


He was a Japanese artist whose paintings were exhibited 40 times all over the world. It was the great achievement for him, the Museum of Los Angeles: Museum of Contemporary Art has displayed his art most time. 

The work of this pop art artist  “Sorry, couldn’t draw left eye!” of 2003 was his very famous work. Mr Yoshitomo Nara was a sculptor and painter both who got Lifetime Achievement Award for Artist” in 1995. 

In many paintings, he has repeated the same girl with deep eyes, and we also see this girl in “Sorry, couldn’t draw left eye”.

Many art galleries exhibit their art style such as the Museum of Contemporary Art situated in Los Angeles, So called museum MoMA and other many galleries. His two work is very famous, first is”Sorry, couldn’t draw left eye” and “Straight Jacket”. Wherein he repeatedly showed his same young girl. 

For these works, he achieved many awards like “Award for Artist” by Japan in 1955. If you want to see his contemporary style, then MoMA museum would be the right choice.


Jermaine Rogers

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (Toys designer, Painter, poster designer).

Famous work– Rock concerts

He was famous for– American underground comic books

Honors– Various books has shown his artwork (The Art Of Modern Rock, Juxtapox Poster Art).

Birthplace, Date– Houston, Texas

Famous Paintings

  • Paintings of toys
  • Art for comic books


This pop art artist started his career as a poster designer in Housten, and along with this profession, he became the member of the Independent group. 

Jermaine Rogers is known for his multi-talent. He introduced the skill of pop art in Toy design with a little touch of op art. He used to conduct rock concerts in various part of Texas. 

On the demand of the advertisement industry, he started using the skill of music, Toy designing and serigraphy in his pop art. 

His art is seen as the combination of pop art and Toy industry. His artwork is exhibited in the auction of Hall of Fame of Ohio.

He became the member of Texas poster art scene in 1990 with Frank Kozik and Lindsey Kuhn, and here he designed many posters such as Deftones, Neil Young and Queen Of the Stone Age etc. 

That’s why his work is very diverse wherein we see commercial photography, Rock concerts, Toys designs and many other things. If we talk about overall personality, then he was famous for American underground comic books. 


Charles Fazzino

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (Sculptor, Painter)

Famous work– silkscreen serigraphs

He was famous for– 3D design of the artwork

Honors– His art has been featured at JFK airport.

Birthplace, Date– New York City

Famous Paintings

  • Side view of “Raining Gold”
  • Front view of “Raining Going d”


He is an American artist who introduced 3D pop art style with silkscreen serigraphs. He was famous for silkscreen serigraphs and 3D design of the artwork. 

His art has been featured at John F. Kennedy International Airport and many other places. His two work became so famous, first was “Side view of Raining Gold” and second “Front view of Raining going”. 

He was friendly, once he had said that I love watching people when they feel mesmerised after seeing my paintings- It was his greatest joy.

He used to design multilayered artistic design with whimsically hand assembled artistic techniques, and this pop art artist included commercial designs in his art such as urban landscapes and 3D paintings etc. 

There are ample amount of examples where he has worked with many modern celebrities, sculptor and op art artist. His art styles are still in high demand among the people of the advertisement industry, 

If you want to see the series of his art, then you may see them in many art galleries in America.


Mel Ramos

Nationality– (American).

Designation– (figurative painter and drawing artist).

Famous work– Nude paintings for art gallary.

He was famous for– Paintings of female nudes

Honors– Visual Artist’s Fellowship Grant, 1986

Birthplace, Date– Sacramento, California

Famous Paintings

  • Paintings of images for comic books
  • Many other nude paintings


Mel Ramos was a controversial and influential American Pop art artist who worked for many magazines and art galleries. 

He was a figurative painter and drawing artist who became famous for paintings of female nudes. That’s why Mel Ramos remained very controversial pop art artist who blurred the line between nudity and pop art through his artistic expression. 

In 1986, he received “Visual Artist’s Fellowship Grant” award for his paintings of images for comic books. After the first meeting of “The Independent Group”, he gained popularity for his multi-dimensional contribution to the pop art movement.

Mel Ramos born in California in the Portuguese Azorean family who was the worst sufferer conflict among many allies, his childhood was full with many hardships, 

But despite having these difficulties and hardships he continued his career as a pop artist, he is known for his very different imagination- He did work for film industry, advertisement industry, comics and magazines etc. 

wherein drawing of superheroes and female nudes are the most controversial and famous.


Sigmar Polke

Nationality– (German).

Designation– (Photographer and painter).

Famous work– Participant of Capitalist realism

He was famous for–  Painting movement-Kapitalistischer Realismus (Founded by him)

Honors– Rubens Prize of the City (2007)

Birthplace, Date– Poland

Famous Paintings

  • Carl Andre in Delft (1968)
  • Propellerfrau (1969)


Sigmar Polke was a German photographer and painter who did many experiments with pop art. He was the pop art artist of 1965 who had designed logos and brand names of many companies. 

His work “Carl Andre in Delft” of 1968 and “propellerfrau” of 1969 became so famous. He was famous for painting movement Kapitalistischer Realismus which was founded by him in 1973. 

For this movement, he analysed a wide range of art(styles, expression, designs etc.), this art style was different in comparison with pop art.

He is also considered official pop art artist because in most of his work we see the satirical relationship between historical happenings and political events that had incidented during World Wars. 

But in an initial phase of his career, he more focused on paintings made from synthetic colours and also along with this profession he focused on photography and painting as a collage artist. 

Due to his tremendous achievement and work as a participant in Capital realism, he achieved “Rubens Prize of the City” in 2007.


Allen Jones

Nationality– (British)

Pop art artist  Allen Jones​

Designation– (Lithographer, sculptor).

Famous work– Dancers by Allen Jones in 2011.

He was famous for– Abstract expressionism

Honors– Prix des Jeunes Artistes (1963)

Birthplace, Date– Southampton, England

Famous Paintings

  • Life Class (1968)
  • The Tango (1984)


William Eggleston

Nationality– (American).

Pop art artist-  William Eggleston​

Designation– (Photographer).

Famous work– William Eggleston’s Guide (1976)

He was famous for– The Democratic Forest (1989).

Honors– Guggenheim Fellowship (1974)

Birthplace, Date– Memphis, Tennessee

Famous Paintings

  • William Eggleston’s Guide(1976)
  • The Democratic Forest (1989)


Julian Opie

Nationality– (British).

Pop art artist- Julian Opie

Designation– (Sculptor).

Famous work– Ann Dancing (The USA, 2010)

He was famous for–  Reclining nude (Gateshead Millennium Bridge, England)

Honors– Best Illustration for Best of Blur

Birthplace, Date– London, England

Famous Paintings

  • Julian Opie’s LED
  • Ann Dancing (The USA, 2010)


Ben Heine

Nationality– (Belgian).

Pop art artist- Ben Heine​

Designation– (Photographer and music composer).

Famous work– Pencil Vs Camera, Digital Circlism

He was famous for–  Live performance 

Honors– You may see his art in Belgium streets.

Birthplace, Date– Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Famous Paintings

  • Oil Portrait of Ben Heine
  • Pencil VS Camera


Ralf Metzenmacher

Nationality– (German).

Pop art artist- Ralf Metzenmacher​

Designation– (painter and designer).

Famous work– Revitalization of Retro-Art technique.

He was famous for– Retro-Art

Honors– Made “The Crown” in the reminiscent of Salvador Dalí

Birthplace, Date– Aachen, Germany

Famous Paintings

  • Tales from 1001 Nights (1988–89)
  • Rallipan (1989–2004)


Larry Rivers

Nationality– (American).

Pop art artist-Larry Rivers​

Designation– (Musician, filmmaker).

Famous work– Strife for East Coast figurative painting

He was famous for– Acting, Music, Painting

Honors– Still his work is possessed by Corcoran Gallery of Art.

Birthplace, Date– Bronx, New York

Famous Paintings

  • Washington Crossing the Delaware
  • Many paintings for Corcoran Gallery of Art


Patrick Caulfield

Nationality– (British).

Pop art artist- Patrick Caulfield​

Designation– (painter and printmaker).

Famous work– Preserved in Arts Council of Great Britain, Dallas Museum of Art, Texas

He was famous for– for his bold canvases

Honors– Prix des Jeunes Artistes, 1965

Birthplace, Date– Middlesex, England

Famous Paintings

  • After Lunch, 1975
  • Still Life with Dagger, 1963


Antonio Berni

Nationality– (Argentine).

Pop art artist- Antonio Berni​

Designation– (Collage artist and painter).

Famous work– Desocupados (1934)

He was famous for– Ramona Montiel, Juanito Laguna

Honors– Honorary Grand Prix.

Birthplace, Date– Rosario, Argentina

Famous Paintings

  • Desocupados (1934)
  • Juanito tocando la flauta (1973)



Nationality– (Icelanders).

Pop art artist- Erró

Designation– (visual artist and painter).

Famous work– Pop art collages

He was famous for– He was accused of plagiarism (By Brian Bolland)

Honors–  Accuse of plagiarism.

Birthplace, Date– Iceland.

Famous Paintings

  • Paintings are not available due to charge of plagiarism by Brian Bolland. 


Alex Cherry

Nationality– (American).

Pop art artist- Alex Cherry​

Designation– (American artist).

Famous work– Work for Pop Surrealism, Urban Art

He was famous for– Digital design


Birthplace, Date– Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Famous Paintings

  • Giclee print
  • Heaven in Her Arms

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