Folk art– Definition | Characteristic | Best artworks |

Folk art– Definition | Characteristic | Best artworks |

Definition | Characteristic |Best artworks |

Folk art- Definition- 50 words

Category: 1 (Verbal arts)

Category: 2 (Religion and folk belief)

Folk art- Overview

Actually, this article describes everything about Folk art. But still, if you want to know more things about Folk art, then you should read our two categories– “Verbal arts” and “Religion and folk belief.”

You would know these things in this article:- Characteristics of folk art objects, Workshops and apprentices, Materials, forms, and crafts & Influence on mainstream art.

And if you want to know more things (About Folk art movement). Then check our- People also search (Folk art)  for section.

A category such as “Verbal arts,” describes the various aspects, and Category “Religion and folk belief” gives information about other things.


Folk art- 4 Frequently asked questions

  1. Can you explain the history of Folk art?

Date of the emergence of this art movement is- 9th century. “Painting by Dinesh Kumar,” “Farm Painting by Toni Grote” (So-called artworks) define the history of this art style, these are Folk artworks.

There are some artists such as Maud Lewis, Grandma Moses, and Ammi Phillips who contributed to the renaissance of Folk art movement.

Paintings/artworks that are part of FOLK ART history.

Top 3 Artworks:-

Painting by Dinesh Kumar:-

Farm Painting by Toni Grote:-

Purple Hat Painting by Diane Britton:-

Top 5 Artists

1st Grandma Moses:-

Notable works:- Anna Mary Robertson in the 1860s & Fireboard decorated by Moses in 1918.

Qualification:- Moses attended a one-room school (American folk artist).

2nd Ammi Phillips:-

Notable works:- Mrs. Wilbur Sherman and daughter Sarah, 1815 & Mrs. Charles Westley Powers, 1829.

Qualification:- Portrait painter active in Connecticut, Massachusetts.

3rd Howard Finster:-

Notable works:- Paradise Gardens in Summerville & One of Finster’s last portraits.

Qualification:- Pursued a career as an artist (while still young) & American artist.

4th Maud Lewis:-

Notable works:- Maud Lewis Memorial in Marshalltown.

Qualification:- Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (Canadian folk artist).

5th Erastus Salisbury Field:-

Notable works:- Elizabeth Billings Ashley 1826 & Portrait of a Young Woman 1830.

Qualification:- Displayed sufficient talent in sketching portraits (American folk art painter).


  1. What were some of the characteristics of the Folk art period?


  1. Who would be considered the ‘Father’ of Folk art?

If you analyze the biography of Folk artists and Folk artworks, then you would get that there is no fixed answer to this question.

If you are the Folk art student, then you must have seen differences in paintings such as “Starry Starry Night Owl,” “Painting by Dinesh Kumar,” “Purple Hat Painting by Diane Britton,” “Dancing Girls by Madhuri Krishna,” and “Farm Painting by Toni Grote.”

Along with it, if you analyze the biography of Folk artists such as Erastus Salisbury Field, Grandma Moses, Howard Finster, Maud Lewis, and Ammi Phillips.

Then it would be very difficult to say.

Because, altogether, their contribution to the renaissance of Folk art movement is huge and these are counted among the elite class in Folk art history.

That’s why there is no fixed answer.

  1. What are some of the most expensive pieces of Folk art ever created?

GRANDMA MOSES is obviously number 1 Folk artist. And the artworks of this artist (“Dancing Girls by Madhuri Krishna,” and “Farm Painting by Toni Grote” including others) remain in high demand. And these artworks are counted in most expensive pieces of Folk art created.

Along with it, you may select our- Grandma Moses art-Top 25 designs, paintings, photos, prints, and sculptures.

Although, Maud Lewis, Howard Finster, and Ammi Phillips are also a very renowned name in this category. Their Folk artworks are also very expensive.

Folk art- Top 4 Famous Paintings

Painting by Dinesh Kumar

Painting by Dinesh Kumar 

1. (Purchase) – (Know more)

Farm Painting by Toni Grote

Farm Painting by Toni Grote

2.  (Purchase) – (Know more)

Purple Hat Painting by Diane Britton

Purple Hat Painting by Diane Britton

3. (Purchase) – (Know more)

Starry Starry Night Owl

Starry Starry Night Owl

4.  (Purchase) – (Know more)




Other art movements

Folk art- Characteristics

If you want to know the characteristics of Folk art along with Pointillism, Art deco, and Baroque.

So here are two categories 1. (Verbal arts) and 2. (Religion and folk belief) that explain the various aspects of this art movement.

First category “Verbal arts” explains the deepness of this art movement and,

Second category “Religion and folk belief” describes the artistic aspect of this art movement.

There are very famous artworks such as – “Painting by Dinesh Kumar,” “Farm Painting by Toni Grote,” “Purple Hat Painting by Diane Britton.”  If you observe the artworks of Folk art, then you can easily guess the characteristics of it.

And also other paintings such as “Dancing Girls by Madhuri Krishna” and “Starry Starry Night Owl” describe the characteristic of it.


Folk art- People also search for:-

Top artists (5):-

Top artworks (5):-

Folk art- Other art movements:-

Land art

Folk art- Relation with other art movements.

Folk art has been the part of art history, which artists such as Grandma Moses, Ammi Phillips, and Howard Finster have contributed to a great extent to make it art movement.

Folk art has given many other renowned artists such as Maud Lewis, Erastus Salisbury Field, etc. Folk art is an art movement of art lovers because Folk art is a pastiche of many different art styles such as Baroque, Art deco, Pointillism, etc.

In this article, you would get information about other art movements also such as;


Art deco:–


If you (As a/an Folk art student) see the artworks of these art movements, specifically Baroque and Art deco, then definitely you would get small similarity.

Indeed, Folk art is a pastiche of many art movements due to its artists.

Folk art has a complicated history (Relation of artists of Folk art), and its specific and precise definition (Of Folk art) has been the subject of debate.

That’s why, in the realm of art, craft, and aesthetics, the definition of Folk art is different. But don’t worry; this website (– Grandma Moses + Folk art) has covered all aspects.

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