Mannerism– Definition | Characteristic | Best artworks |

Mannerism– Definition | Characteristic | Best artworks |

Definition | Characteristic |Best artworks |

Mannerism- Definition- 50 words

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Mannerism- Overview

Actually, this article describes everything about Mannerism. But still, if you want to know more things about Mannerism, then you should read our two categories– “Related articles” and “21st century development.”

You would know these things in this article:- Origin and development, Spread of mannerism, Characteristics of artworks created during the Mannerist period & Mannerism in literature and music.

And if you want to know more things (About Mannerism movement). Then check our- People also search (Mannerism)  for section.

A category such as “Related articles,” describes the various aspects, and Category “21st century development” gives information about other things.


Mannerism- 4 Frequently asked questions

  1. Can you explain the history of Mannerism?

Date of the emergence of this art movement is- 1520. “Madonna with the Long Neck,” “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz” (So-called artworks) define the history of this art style, these are Mannerism artworks.

There are some artists such as Bronzino, El Greco, and Tintoretto who contributed to the renaissance of Mannerism movement.

Paintings/artworks that are part of MANNERISM history.

Top 3 Artworks:-

Madonna with the Long Neck:-

The Burial of the Count of Orgaz:-

Mountainous landscape:-

Top 5 Artists

1st El Greco:-

Notable works:- El Expolio (1577–1579) & Opening of the Fifth Seal (1608–1614).

Qualification:- Greek-Christian education (Greek painter, sculptor and architect).

2nd Tintoretto:-

Notable works:- The Siege of Asola, (1544–45) & St Mark’s Body Brought to Venice (1548).

Qualification:- Presentation of Jesus in the Temple (Italian painter).

3rd Pontormo:-

Notable works:- The Deposition from the Cross & Annunciation, fresco.

Qualification:- Florentine School (Italian Mannerist painter and portraitist).

4th Bronzino:-

Notable works:- Eleonora of Toledo with her son Giovanni, 1544–45 & Saint Sebastian, 1533.

Qualification:- The Sixteenth Century Italian Schools (Italian Mannerist painter, born in Florence).

5th Parmigianino:-

Notable works:- Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror & Bardi Altarpiece (1521).

Qualification:- Prodigious and individual talent (Italian Mannerist painter and printmaker).


  1. What were some of the characteristics of the Mannerism period?


  1. Who would be considered the ‘Father’ of Mannerism?

If you analyze the biography of Mannerism artists and Mannerism artworks, then you would get that there is no fixed answer to this question.

If you are the Mannerism student, then you must have seen differences in paintings such as “The Nobleman with his Hand,” “Madonna with the Long Neck,” “Mountainous landscape,” “Perseus with the Head of Medusa,” and “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz.”

Along with it, if you analyze the biography of Mannerism artists such as Parmigianino, El Greco, Pontormo, Bronzino, and Tintoretto.

Then it would be very difficult to say.

Because, altogether, their contribution to the renaissance of Mannerism movement is huge and these are counted among the elite class in Mannerism history.

That’s why there is no fixed answer.

  1. What are some of the most expensive pieces of Mannerism ever created?

EL GRECO is obviously number 1 Mannerism artist. And the artworks of this artist (“Perseus with the Head of Medusa,” and “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz” including others) remain in high demand. And these artworks are counted in most expensive pieces of Mannerism created.

Along with it, you may select our- El Greco art-Top 25 designs, paintings, photos, prints, and sculptures.

Although, Bronzino, Pontormo, and Tintoretto are also a very renowned name in this category. Their Mannerism artworks are also very expensive.

Mannerism- Top 4 Famous Paintings

Madonna with the Long Neck

Madonna with the Long Neck

1. (Purchase) – (Know more)

The Burial of the Count of Orgaz

The Burial of the Count of Orgaz

2.  (Purchase) – (Know more)

Paesaggio montuoso

Paesaggio montuoso

3. (Purchase) – (Know more)

Perseus with the Head of Medusa

Perseus with the Head of Medusa

4.  (Purchase) – (Know more)




Other art movements

Mannerism- Characteristics

If you want to know the characteristics of Mannerism along with Surrealism, Romanticism, and Impressionism.

So here are two categories 1. (Related articles) and 2. (21st century development) that explain the various aspects of this art movement.

First category “Related articles” explains the deepness of this art movement and,

Second category “21st century development” describes the artistic aspect of this art movement.

There are very famous artworks such as – “Madonna with the Long Neck,” “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz,” “Mountainous landscape.”  If you observe the artworks of Mannerism, then you can easily guess the characteristics of it.

And also other paintings such as “Perseus with the Head of Medusa” and “The Nobleman with his Hand” describe the characteristic of it.


Mannerism- People also search for:-

Top artists (5):-

Top artworks (5):-

Mannerism- Other art movements:-

Land art

Mannerism- Relation with other art movements.

Mannerism has been the part of art history, which artists such as El Greco, Tintoretto, and Pontormo have contributed to a great extent to make it art movement.

Mannerism has given many other renowned artists such as Bronzino, Parmigianino, etc. Mannerism is an art movement of art lovers because Mannerism is a pastiche of many different art styles such as Impressionism, Romanticism, Surrealism, etc.

In this article, you would get information about other art movements also such as;




If you (As a/an Mannerism student) see the artworks of these art movements, specifically Impressionism and Romanticism, then definitely you would get small similarity.

Indeed, Mannerism is a pastiche of many art movements due to its artists.

Mannerism has a complicated history (Relation of artists of Mannerism), and its specific and precise definition (Of Mannerism) has been the subject of debate.

That’s why, in the realm of art, craft, and aesthetics, the definition of Mannerism is different. But don’t worry; this website (– El Greco + Mannerism) has covered all aspects.

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