Romanticism- Easy explanation | know everything in

Romanticism- Easy explanation | know everything in


Easy explanation | know everything in

Romanticism- Specific details

Romanticism art movement is the gathering of sculptors, young and experienced painters (Eugène Delacroix, J. M. W. Turner, and Caspar David Friedrich), architects, and writers.

In the philosophy and the history of art movements, Romanticism is an artistic, literary, and intellectual (due to William Blake & J. M. W. Turner) art movement.

This art movement has given many famous artworks- “The Desperate Man,” “The Third of May 1808,” and “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog.” And these paintings/artworks have been made by these Romanticism artists.

If you watch the beauty of “The Desperate Man” and “The Third of May 1808.” You would get that ROMANTICISM is the spontaneous overflow of artistic feelings.




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Romanticism- 3 Frequently asked questions

  1. What are some of the unique characteristics of Romanticism?

History of ROMANTICISM is complicated, Romanticism promotes individual imagination, and its artists Eugène Delacroix, Caspar David Friedrich, and William Blake are the pillar of this ROMANTICISM movement.

The artworks of this style are still in demand such as “The Desperate Man,” “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog,” and “The Third of May 1808.”

There are very famous paintings such as – “The Desperate Man,” “The Soul of the Rose” and “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog.”  If you observe the artworks of William Blake, then you see the unique characteristic of it.

If you want to know the characteristic of ROMANTICISM, so go to our Romanticism characteristic article.

  1. Which are the best Romanticism websites and blogs?

There can be two answers: Content providers for ROMANTICISM movement and Artwork seller websites of Romanticism artists.

Content providers:- Well organized, useful content, a credible website for Romanticism content. It comes on second place for Romanticism content. It would give a glimpse of both aspects of the Romanticism movement Very informative, but if you are a student of Romanticism then you should select  Less informative but easy to use- ART & ARTISTS (Romanticism artist), EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS (William Blake exhibition), PLAN YOUR VISIT (To Romanticism galleries).

You would know these things in this article:- Basic characteristics, Context and place in history & Influence of European Romanticism on American writers..


Artwork seller websites:-

Artplode:- Created in 2014, Network in 40 countries, for Buy/sell Romanticism artwork/paintings. It lists all kind of Romanticism artwork/paintings.

Artfinder:- Founded in 2011, Network in 100 countries, a community of 10,000 Romanticism artists (so-called Romanticism artists), you would get many Romanticism artwork and paintings

Saatchi Art:- Sold it in 2014, its audience is vast (Including Romanticism lovers). Price varies ($500- $10,000), it has over 1 million (including Romanticism lovers) followers on social media.

Artnet:- Founded in 1989, it provides paid services (for William Blake, Francisco Goya, etc.) such as the Price Database, Art (Romanticism artworks) can be put up for auction on the site.

Society6:- is similar to Redbubble. You may order Romanticism artwork/painting, they sell Romanticism artwork on demand.

  1. What is the future of Romanticism?

Romanticism is an artistic art movement which was emerged in (1770), and the future of Romanticism is very bright because Romanticism artworks are in high demand.

We have discussed Characteristics of Romanticism, the importance of it, and the artworks of Romanticism artists are very commendable.

Some artists, such as J. M. W. Turner, Caspar David Friedrich, Eugène Delacroix, Francisco Goya, and William Blake. The artworks of these artists show the future of Romanticism. You may check it on our dedicated articles.

Thus, there is a saying that any movement (Romanticism movement) has its strength in its supporter. Supporters such as Eugène Delacroix, Caspar David Friedrich, and William Blake who devoted their life for it.

That’s why; the future of Romanticism is bright.

Romanticism- Top 3 artists

William Blake
William Blake

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Francisco Goya
Francisco Goya

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Eugene Delacroix
Eugene Delacroix

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Romanticism- Explanation of these artists

1st William Blake:- You can see the image of WILLIAM BLAKE, through it, you may imagine the relationship between ROMANTICISM and William Blake, topmost artwork of William Blake is- click to see artworks.

Notable works:- Songs of Innocence and of Experience & Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing (1786).

Qualification:- Royal Academy (English poet, painter, and printmaker).

2nd Francisco Goya:- There is ample data on FRANCISCO GOYA; you may read a comparison of FRANCISCO GOYA with other artists, if you want to read more about FRANCISCO GOYA then click on the link.

Topmost artworks of Francisco Goya is-  click to see artworks.

Notable works:- Sacrifice to Pan, 1771 & The Parasol, 1777.

Qualification:- Carpenter in philosophical or theological matters (Spanish romantic painter and printmaker).

3rd Eugène Delacroix:- This artist (Eugène Delacroix) of this art movement sometimes comes on the third place, topmost artworks of Eugène Delacroix is- click to see artworks. These artworks of Eugène Delacroix remain in high demand.

Notable works:- Liberty Leading the People (1830) & Christ on the Sea of Galilee, 1854.

Qualification:- School of art (French Romantic artist).

Romanticism- Short notes- 250 words

Impressionism: Impressionism is an art movement in which the artist tries to depict accurate and similar picture with the help of Small and thin brush. Artist of this art style focuses on nuances and small details. Read more

Surrealism: It (Surrealism) is a cultural movement wherein artist make paintings/drawings/depictions of illogical scenes with photographic precision. These are the paintings of mundane objects which are portrayed by Art Nouveau artists whimsically. Read more

Mannerism: The word Mannerism has been derived from the Italian word “Maniera.” It means style or manner. It is also known as Late Renaissance, Mannerism as a European art style emerged in 1520. Read more

Romanticism- Summary of this video

This video (On Romanticism) gives a basic idea about it (Romanticism art movement), William Blake along with  Francisco Goya,  and Eugène Delacroix is an artist of this art form who devoted life for the sake of its renaissance (Romanticism art movement renaissance).

This YouTube video demonstrates various aspects of Romanticism, such as Basic characteristics, Context and place in history & Influence of European Romanticism on American writers..

Thus, we see a connection with other art movements such as- Mannerism, Impressionism, and momento2. If you want to know about these art movements- Type (Mannerism, Surrealism, and momento1 or any name+ on google, you will get information in a single click.

Although, there are many beautiful (Commercial version) artworks of ROMANTICISM.

And also, there are many artworks of William Blake + Romanticism also such as “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog”, “The Soul of the Rose” and “The Monk by the Sea.”

These paintings/artworks are very beautiful, and if you see “The Desperate Man,”  you will notice the deepness of its depiction.

 Another painting, such as “The Third of May 1808,” is another example of art mastership. That’s why, perhaps, you would get different price (Selling price of Romanticism artwork) on every website.

And you would also get the answer to the following question:-

Question– What do you love and hate the most about Romanticism? – YouTube Summary.

This categorization has been done according to Wikipedia data:- (Romanticism + William Blake)

If you (As a/an Romanticism lover) find something wrong about Romanticism, you may contact us through our comment section.

William Blake is the artist of the Romanticism art movement, and this comparison has been made with these artists- J. M. W. Turner, William Blake, Eugène Delacroix, Caspar David Friedrich, and Francisco Goya.

Everything is available on this website: Search (Romanticism artist +, read and compare!

Top artists (5):-

William Blake

Francisco Goya

Eugène Delacroix

Caspar David Friedrich

J. M. W. Turner

Short Notes:-

Romanticism has given many artists such as William Blake, Francisco Goya, and Eugène Delacroix who devoted their whole life for the sake of Romanticism renaissance movement.

There are so many paintings related to Romanticism art movement such as “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog,” “The Soul of the Rose,” and “The Monk by the Sea.”

These paintings always attract Romanticism lovers. And if you are also a/an Romanticism lover, then you should check our- (Romanticism + Francisco Goya) article.

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