Op art– Definition | Characteristic | Best artworks

Op art- Definition Op art, also known as optic art, is a distinctive cultural movement formed in the 1960s. It encompasses the use of optic visions, geometric patterns, and differing tinges to evoke a sensation of stir, depth, and sprightliness within two- dimensional compositions. By witching observers' perception, the movement…

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Symbolism– Definition | Characteristic | Best artworks

Symbolism- Definition Symbolism is a cultural and erudite movement that surfaced in the late 19th century as a response to the rationality and materialism of the artificial period. It aimed to convey the inexplainable aspects of mortal experience through emblematic imagery, conceit, and suggestive representation. Symbolists sought to elicit feelings,…


Surrealism– An introduction | overview | Easy explanation

Surrealism- Introduction Surrealism surfaced as a significant cultural and erudite movement in the early 20th century, revolting against rationality and embracing the power of the subconscious. Led by André Breton, Surrealists aimed to valve into the depths of the mortal psyche. Through ways like autohypnosis and chance, artists similar to…


Romanticism– Definition | Characteristic | Best artworks | artandcrafter.com

Romanticism's Definition Romanticism, an influential cultural and intellectual movement of the late 18th to 19th centuries, celebrated emotion, imagination, and the beauty of nature. Rejecting Enlightenment rationality, it emphasized particular expression and individualism. Movement left a continuing impact on literature, art, and gospel, shaping the creative geography of the time.…


Andy Warhol death- All facts and reasons in short

Andy Warhol death: In this article, you would know everything about Andy Warhol- From his childhood to death. And all facts related to Andy Warhol death. Frequently asked questions Andy Warhol in Ambulance 1. How did Andy Warhol die? Warhol failed from heart failure during his recovery from surgery on…


Fauvism- Easy explanation | know everything in seconds

Fauvism- Specific details Fauvism art movement is the gathering of sculptors, youthful and educated painters( Georges Braque, Marc Chagall, and Maurice de Vlaminck), engineers, and pens. It's an cultural, erudite, and intellectual( due to Henri Matisse & Marc Chagall) art movement in gospel and the history of art movements. This…