Art Deco | Definition, 7 Characteristics, History, & Facts Detailed Explanation.
art deco movement

Art Deco | Definition, 7 Characteristics, History, & Facts Detailed Explanation.

Art Deco | Definition, 7 Characteristics, History, & Facts |

Definition: Art Deco is a geometric shape with strong and bold colors that are used to decorate or build big or small things as its part. This style of 19’s covers things from households stuff to big buildings.


Art Deco is a style that first appeared in France just before the time of World War 1. But now it has become the trend, because still people like it a lot

This predominant decorative art style of the 1920s and 1930s is still the like of millions.

Actually, it had become the symbol of modernization that is present in most part of the world, from buildings to trains and from furniture to movie theatres. Easly you can recognize this design.

Its a style of visual arts that emerged in the form of building architecture.

Examples of Art Deco

  • Really art Deco impacted the design of all things that were the symbol of tradition like as design of buildings, movie theatres, trains etc.

  • You can see its impact in everyday objects such as radios and vacuum cleaners. But now with the passage of time, it’s losing its relevance.

  • You may see its examples not only in European countries but also at places where these countries had the colonial rule.

Indeed Art Deco represented luxury and modernization at its peak time

But Art Deco that is one of the first international styles that is seen as the symbol of royalty,  as well as patronage lost its dominance at the time of World War II due to the rise of the strictly functional and simple styles.

Because Art Deco requires lots of manpower and time that’s why we see simple buildings and other things. 

But if you want to draw your own Art deco style things then you may do it easily because we have an ample number of sources from where you can collect sufficient knowledge, indeed you can’t make this mammoth structure but who is stopping you to make small stuff, try it by seeing these videos

Play Video

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Characteristics of Art deco:

  • Influenced the design of buildings, furniture, jewelry, fashion, cars, movie theatres, trains

  • First truly international style

  • It uses man-made materials largely

  • The spectrum of the visual arts: from architecture, painting, and sculpture to thegraphicand decorative arts.

  • Its the only style that covers from household to big buildings.

Still, its a symbol of royalty and people like it,

Its a design that is present across the world in different forms and styles, indeed you may not purchase that big stuff or buildings

But don’t worry there are lots of things that are the imitation of these big things.

These beautiful things would remind you about this old but very adorned styles

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Although The Art Deco style originated in Paris(France), but has influenced architecture and culture as a whole.

actually, all countries that were colonized by Europeans, here you may see this art.

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