10 surprising facts about his death- Keith Haring cause of death | HIV/AIDS

10 surprising facts about his death- Keith Haring cause of death | HIV/AIDS

Keith Haring: In this article, you would know everything about Keith Haring- From his childhood to death. Keith Haring- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation.

Keith Haring cause of death

10 surprising facts about his death- HIV/AIDS.

  1. The date of death of this great pop art artist was February 16, 1990. He spread AIDS-related awareness, and this AIDS-related complication was the reason for his death.

  2. His most paintings are related to AIDS campaign that’s why Keith Haring has been commemorated in the AIDS Memorial Quilt (Celebrate the lives of people who have died of AIDS-related causes.)

  3. The act has been documented in her film Truth or Dare, this film had faced severe criticism, but it was this film. It was successful at the box office.

  4. During the pop art movement, Keith Haring was the torchbearer of this awareness. And these all things have been documented in Red Hot + Blue and Red Hot + Dance. And his death has also been covered.

  5. The paintings and artworks of Keith Haring demonstrate political and personal influences. He had made two famous artworks to demonstrate the frustration of his death.

  6. These paintings show the relationship between his death and artistic expression- The Boxers (1987) & A mural by Haring in Barcelona etc.

  7. His own small exhibition Pop shop is still open (After Haring’s death). And its whole profit goes to the Keith Haring Foundation. And if you want to see the real artwork of this artist, then you should go to this foundation.

  8. Keith Haring was very frustrated due to the AIDS epidemic. And this artist had shown these feeling in his later work such as Silence=Death & Untitled (cat. no. 27).

  9. Weeping Woman is his last painting of AIDS campaign series wherein he has portrayed his fear of death (According to the source.)

  10. Keith Haring was a gay, and he did work for the Gay liberation movement, that’s why you see the strong relationship among AIDS campaign, Gay liberation movement & Keith Haring death.

Keith Haring: Labyrinths of Life and Death

Keith Haring death cause

Keith Haring was a gay, but he always advocated safe sex, in his paintings of radiant babies, we can see the explicit depiction of his thought- He was the torch bearer of AIDS awareness campaign in New York city because in many paintings.

He spread the awareness between a healthy life and socially taboo things through his paintings. But it is unfortunate that in the year 1988, Mr Keith Haring was diagnosed with AIDS.

But still, he is remembered for his contribution, many art galleries such as Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and National Gallery of Victoria featured him 100 (solo and group) exhibitions.

In last years of life, Mr Keith Haring made many paintings to express his feelings, that’s why in many paintings, depictions, drawings and murals of Keith Haring, we see the content of awareness about AIDS

He used to make representations of radiant babies to express that how bad per se wrong activities with your partner can plunge you in the well of severe disease.

Still, to raise funds for this disease patients, Red Hot Organization organises AIDS awareness campaign. If you want to see the functions of this whole organisation, then you may prefer the “Truth or Dare” film.

HIV/AIDS Patient

His AIDS awareness campaign is counted among the top work of American History because when the severity of this disease was at the peak, the Keith Haring devoted his all paintings for the awareness of this disease.

He had openly accepted that he is gay and he feels proud that he is one among the pioneers of the Gay lesbian movement.

He always emphasized on the healthy lifestyle- Means healthy physical relationship whether you are from any community (male, female, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender etc.), his later work (mural paintings- Crack is Wack) address many societal and political problem through his paintings- Especially AIDS and homosexuality through his iconographic paintings.

But it is an unfortunate thing that the reason behind Keith Haring’s death was- HIV/AIDS. On Feb 16, 1990, we lost this pop art artist.

 According to his medical report- AIDS-related complications was the reason behind his death. In 1988, Keith Haring was diagnosed with AIDS.

At that time, we had not that much medical assistance and facilities.

Still “Keith Haring Foundation” organises charity programme for patients who are suffering from this disease and can’t afford first medical facilities and assistance.

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