Andy Warhol Death-Attempted Murder (1968) | Valerie Solanas

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol’s Death Cause

Who killed Andy Warhol?

Valerie Solanas shotted Andy Warhol.

How does Andy Warhol die?

Arrhythmia- An arrhythmia is a problem with the rate of your heartbeat.

What day did Andy Warhol die?

22 February 1987

wWhere did Andy Warhol death?

Warhol died in Manhattan at 6:32 a.m.

How old is Andy Warhol?

58 years (1928–1987)

On Feb 22, 1987, we lost this leading figure of the pop art movement. According to media reports- He died at 6:32, morning due to an irregular heartbeat because he was suffering from a gallbladder infection.

But his family made an allegation that water intoxication and improper care was the reason for his death because he was recuperating from gallbladder surgery and why this postoperative irregular heartbeat came.

Thus, this incident brought the staff of hospital under the ambit of the doubt.

Reasons in bullet points

  1. 22 February 1987, New York Hospital, New York, United States. 
  2. Valerie Solanas shot at Warhol three times.
  3. Many concerned people say- He died because of gunshot wounds
  4. Others say because of Gallbladder infection
  5. And his family says he died because of inadequate care.
  6. Thus, these are the reasons behind his death- Gun shot, irregular heartbeat, Gallbladder surgery inadequate care.
  7. Officially it is said that he died at 6:32, morning due to an irregular heartbeat.
  8. But, still, there is a debate over this topic.
  9. Because he was recuperating from gallbladder surgery and he died due to he was recuperating from gallbladder surgery.

Therefore the family of Andy Warhol lodged the complaint against that hospital, and after proving, the family of this artist was compensated,

And this amount was not disclosed. But after 30 years, it is still a mystery that how this artist died.

Many concerned people say- He died because of gunshot wounds and others say because of Gallbladder infection, or some say, due to inadequate care.

The body of this pop art artist was brought to Thomas Funeral Home for the last farewell.

He was dressed in his favorite dress (A platinum wig, long and black cashmere suit. Black tie, and with his sunglasses) — Mr. Monsignor Peter eulogy at the Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church.

His memorial is situated in New York(St. Patrick Cathedral).

Andy Warhol’s Death : Attempted murder (1968)

It was the dark phase in the history of Pop art when a radical feminist writer Valerie Solanas who was also the colleague of He shot Warhol On June 3, 1968.

Valerie Solanas was both the critic and curator in Warhol’s studio “The Factory.”

This shooter, Valerie Solanas had said that he was continuously humiliated by Andy Warhol, she had become just a marginal figure in the “The Factory.”

Valerie Solanas was an American radical feminist writer who was against the principles of him. Who used to believe that every woman should have the freedom to express and live life in her way,

She went to his New York studio, where she Warhol with his manager Mario Amaya, she shot three times at Warhol, the first two shots missed but the 3rd shot of gun wounded him badly.

Ms. Valerie Solanas was charged with assault, illegal possession of the gun and attempting murder.

That gunshot was not the reason for his death. He died due to Gallbladder problem (water intoxication and improper care).

But if you see the complete picture, then you may say that all three things were the reason for his death- Ballistic trauma, Gallbladder injury, water intoxication and improper care of hospital staff.

Media about Andy Warhol’s

After the death of Andy Warhol, Mr. Crispin Glover and David Bowie portrayed this artist in two movies-The Doors of 1991 and another film Basquiat of 1996.

And also when this artist was not dead, then he was featured in the film Cocaine Cowboys of 1979 and Tootsie of 1982. He had his studio–

The Factory which was situated in New York City, it was the hotspot of the gathering of drag queens, Hollywood celebrities, distinguished intellectuals, and wealthy patrons, etc.

He did many works in the field of media such as- Vinyl TV series, American Horror Story and along with these works he also gave a significant contribution in the field of media.

He founded Gossip magazine, worked in many films, produced many documentaries, did television shows, etc. That’s why he was a known name among media personnel. Therefore in honor of him, Mr. Richard Sheaf had made an 18-cent postal stamp whereupon his name and artwork were depicted.

Because he was among the pioneers of the pop art movement that’s why American media portrayed him as the “Pope of Pop.” We can see these all achievements of him in his collections.

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