Yayoi Kusama mental problems: Mental illness- Sexual disorder.

Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama: In this article, you would know everything about Yayoi Kusama- From his childhood to death. Yayoi Kusama- Life, paintings, contribution, death- Easy explanation.

History of art and mental illness.

The childwood of this artist was not good. Following are the reasons of it, becasue of it, we can say that this artist is the patient of mental illness.The childwood of this artist was not good.Following are the reasons of it

  • Traumatised by the desperate surroundings of post-war japan.
  • Authoritarian mother and dispirited father.
  • Experienced mental health issues.
  • Obsession with sex (phobia of men).
  • Assault by countless phallic visions.
  • Yayoi kusama has coped with severe psychological difficulties.
  • Yayoi kusama has coped with severe psychological difficulties.
  • She was committed to a psychiatric hospital.
  • She was the patient of co-occurrence of bipolar disorder.
  • She was also the patient of hallucinations and obsessions.
  • Links between art and mental illness are found throughout history.

Because of it, we can say that this artist is the patient of mental illness.

8 Points about her

These things you should know before going through this article, these points comprise the summary of this whole article.

  1. The Paintings of Yayoi Kusama became an act of rebellion.
  2. Yayoi Kusama took the advice of Georgia O’Keeffe and she moved to America.
  3. It is impossible to separate the art of this artist from her life means mental health.
  4. It is said that The Yayoi Kusama- Andy Warhol story is complex.
  5. Kusama was a self-styled artist in America.
  6. It is true that Yayoi Kusama has always used fashion (design of polka dots) to gain attention.
  7. Sex is a recurrent theme in the work of Kusama.
  8. The search for status means stardom is the part of she work and her story.

Early success in Japan: 1950–1956

Polka dots that was the trademark of Yayoi Kusama in her initial years. Her paintings were different from other pop art artists.

She used to depict simple paintings of mundane objects such as distorted bird shapes, daily use products,

Her specialty is- Yayoi Kusama began covering surfaces as Keith Haring- She painted at all possible places- household objects, floors, canvases, walls even naked assistants. By 1950, she came to public attention due to this unique style.

And by late 1960, this pop art artist had become famous in the art world and advertisement industry. She is not only renowned in painting and drawing, but her work is spread to installation art, performance art, writing, and fashion, etc.

Art with Polka dots

The idea of this art had come from her hallucination (dream) wherein she had imagined— flashes of light, auras, or dense fields of dots.

Same, she tried on her naked participants, first of all, Yayoi Kusama organized an exhibition and invited people from all over the world. Then she covered each naked participants with polka dots.

And many times she succeeds in getting prize and appreciation of other pop art artists. Artistic expression with polka dots was unique to everyone, that’s why due to this artistic expression, she became famous among other artists.

Return to Japan: 1973–1977

Yayoi Kusama spent a successful artistic life in the different part of the world, but due to some personal reason, she had to return her home country Japan.

In 1973, she returned to her own country Japan in ill health, where she began writing surrealistic novels such as poetry and short stories.

And during this phase, she started writing on various topics such as sad poetry on various art style- Abstract Impressionism, Abstract illusionism, Academic art, avant-garde movement, etc

You may get her novels on surrealism, and during this period she also wrote many short stories about the lifestyle of pop art artists and other artists of various art movements.

It is said that when Kusama was not mentally fit then, she checked herself into the mental hospital (Seiwa Hospital) for the mental illness which was at the short distance from her home.

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